How Concord Is Turning Heads With Content [Podcast]

August 10, 2017 Randy Frisch

Travis Bickham, VP of Marketing at Concord, joins the Content Pros Podcast to discuss how a focus on quality and providing the Netflix experience is turning heads in a crowded marketplace.

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In This Episode:

  • Why standing out in a crowded market means asking yourself two questions: how are you presenting yourself on your website and how you are presenting yourself through the content funnel
  • How speaking to the silo leads to breaking down the wall for new customers
  • Why successfully walking your customer through the content funnel means incorporating some Netflix ideas
  • How actual customer testimonials lead to a better profile and better sales

Quotes from this Episode:

“You can’t market to everyone, and you can’t sell to everyone.” —@travisbickham

“The content pyramid keeps you honest in your content creation and also keeps your content very clear and focused.” —@travisbickham

“We have a unique perspective that a company on the inside that’s looking in their own silo might not. We want to give that knowledge to all of our prospects and all of our customers and hand them something of value right out the gates.” —@travisbickham

"We want to give people the Netflix experience.” —@travisbickham

“If it’s not good enough to go in the New York Times or the Economist or on TV, it shouldn’t be good enough for our website because that’s what people have come to expect in 2017.” —@travisbickham

“You have to have happy customers, but you have to get those happy customers on video or on your blog talking about what they were doing because they’re on the front lines of it.” —@travisbickham

“The point is to let our prospects understand that we know what they’re going through and we want to learn more, and we’re here to help.” —@travisbickham

“I’ve always been a believer that inbound feeds outbound.” —@travisbickham

“As marketing, we have to make sales peoples’ lives as easy as possible.” —@travisbickham


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