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How can I launch my campaigns quicker?

Any well-structured and thought-out campaign that is first-to-market is likely to capture the biggest mind share and drive the most engagement. If you're second to the party, chances are, no matter how fantastic your campaign is, you will simply have less mindshare, or even run the risk of being irrelevant. The longer you wait to go live, the greater the risk of your competitors beating you to the punch. That's why speed-to-market is imperative to the success of your marketing strategy. 

On this week's episode of Frequently Asked Fridays, VP of Marketing, Mike Waldron discusses how to remove common blocks so you can launch your campaigns quicker.

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Speed-to-market tip #1: Content creation

According to SiriusDecisions, 60-70% of content goes unread. Creating a content piece from scratch can be time consuming and you run the risk of sending valuable time to create a piece of content that will never be consumed. 

Before you write something from scratch, ask yourself, 'can I reuse something I already have?' We're always looking for new ways to engage users, but often putting a different spin on an existing piece of content can be just as powerful. 

Speed-to-market tip #2: Finding the right content

If you were asked to find all of your existing content related to one buyer persona, how long would that take you? According to Ring DNA, sales teams spend on an average of 30 hours per month searching for content. We're willing to bet that this work is driven by requests from the marketing team. 

Centralize your content in one repository that is easily accessible for teams across the organization, then utilize a content tagging structure to make searching for the right content simple. 

Speed-to-market tip #3: Publishing content

When it's time to hit the 'Publish' button on a piece of content or content destination, you often marketers rely on their web ops or dev team, where publishing new content isn't typically a top priority in their long to-do lists. Or they may be relying on a cumbersome content management system (CMS) that simply isn't built for marketers. 

While there's no silver bullet, martech solutions such as the Uberflip platform can help streamline content publication by empowering marketers and sales teams to create engaging content destinations in minutes, without third-party support.  

Speed-to-market tip #4: Content personalization at scale

Personalizing content at scale is incredibly time consuming, but if you're an ABM manager, we're betting that you already knew that. 

When creating personalized content destinations for hundreds or even thousands of accounts, technology is your friend. Automate this process with tools and platforms such as 6sense and Uberflip to identify which accounts are hitting your website, which intent topics or keywords brought them there, and to curate relevant content destinations based on that data. All of this can be completely automated so you can spin up a personalized content destination in just minutes.