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Why are you not always new to your lead when they're new to you?

Early in our careers as marketers, we often learn best practices around crafting content for each funnel stage. Typically, new accounts at the top of the funnel are served short, high-level and consumable content and the heavy, branded or product-focused content is served to those at the bottom of the funnel. If we were to serve viewers at the awareness stage a case study or product demo, we would likely lose their engagement. At least that's what we've thought. 

The modern B2B buyer's sales journey is changing, with as much as 82% of the buyer journey being done independently. B2B buyers spend more time researching and consuming content before they reach out to meet with you. 

In this episode of Frequently Asked Friday, VP of Marketing, Michael Waldron discusses buyer intent, the dark funnel and how to meet prospects where they are in their path to purchase. 

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