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The Uberflipper's Journey feat. Daisy!

This week's episode of The Uberflipper's Journey is extra unique as we meet Daisy who joined our team through our 2019 acquisition of SnapApp!

Daisy originally came on board to help support SnapApp customers which then led to her officially joining the Uberflip CSM team to support both Uberflip and SnapApp customers. And most recently, she's become a manager for our Commercial CSM Team! 

Daisy gives great insight into how she embraces change and reminds us that people come and go but as long as you're with a company who's vision remains constant and can adapt to change is what's most important. She is a great example of the growth and opportunity for learning that can come from embracing change! 

As for what's next, Daisy now has a front row seat into how the business runs and how to make it more efficient. Whether it's exposure to introducing new tech or policy and procedure documentation she's been able to take her learnings and now apply them with a business lens. 

Daisy's journey may not be the most conventional but it certainly is inspiring! Be sure to stick around to the end to find out if she loves the outdoors, got emotional watching Moana, or was born in Maine!