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Smashing the Norms of Video Content Marketing [Podcast]

René Lego, Video Content Marketing Strategist at SolarWinds, joins the Content Pros Podcast to discuss finding viral content gold by pushing the limits on the role of video in a modern B2B landscape.

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In This Episode

  • How believing in your idea enough to push back leads to viral marketing success
  • Why producing impactful B2B content means marketing like a B2C
  • How failing at video quickly and often ultimately leads to video prowess and content gold
  • Why ingraining video into your corporate culture means turning its power inwards as much as outward

Quotes From This Episode

“Now I’m more brand-forward and creating avenues for content and pushing the limits and pushing back on requests and we’re seeing marked improvement and engagement and downloads and sales because of it.” —@ReneLego

“With video, the reality is we have to think about everyone as a consumer. ” —@randyfrisch (highlight to tweet)

“Even though we’re a B2B, we market like a B2C.” —@ReneLego

“If we have an idea or a story we might run by maybe 10 to 20 people and get their input on something.” —@ReneLego

“It’s about timing, what works, what projects we have going on, what campaigns, and then what can we fit and make work for our audience.” —@ReneLego

“Ultimately, we want people to download our product and buy it. So if we can get that to happen by getting the video to get them to the page that makes them download it, but I don’t always gauge success just by getting a download.” —@ReneLego

“Video is the gateway to get you in and interested. You might watch more videos along that journey, but ideally, the content, the product, and what we have on the website, should close out the deal and get you to download.” —@ReneLego

“There’s a lot of IT Pros who can’t leave the office. They either don’t have the funds or the life of an IT Pro is you’re at your desk a lot, and you’re solving problems. So we had to come to them.” —@ReneLego

“We have a mix of internal stakeholders, but we’re always working with the content team.” —@ReneLego


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About the Author

Randy Frisch is the CMO and Co-Founder of Uberflip, a content experience platform that empowers marketers to create content experiences at every stage of the buyer’s journey. He has defined and led this movement, prompting marketers to think beyond content creation and truly put their customers first by focusing on the experience. This movement has fuelled an annual conference, Conex: The Content Experience, that brings together 750+ passionate marketers, and a North American-wide Conex Tour. Randy is also the host of The Marketer’s Journey podcast, was named one of the Top 50 Fearless Marketers in the world by Marketo, and is the best-selling author of F#ck Content Marketing: Focus on Content Experience (yeah, he swears sometimes).

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