Make Your Content Loud & Clear With Uberflip Hubbub

March 31, 2016 Uberflip Team

Uberflip Hubbub April Fools

Turn up your volume.

As you click or scroll through this post, you might notice something. Or, more accurately, you might hear something...

Uberflip is pleased to announce Uberflip Hubbub, the latest innovation in Uberflip’s goal to fully immerse audiences in a full sensory content experience.

Uberflip Hubbub, informally referred to as "Hubbub", is the latest  sound technology breakthrough in the content marketing space. Marketing technology vendors are looking to keep up with content marketing best practices as they trend toward accommodating the five senses to better capture audiences.

For Uberflip, this is just a first step:

“We’ve received a lot of feedback from customers who just want to get their audience in a rhythm. We took this feedback to heart. With Hubbub, you can now simply make blog posts squeak, wolf whistle, or even ‘unce-unce’.”

— Sam Brennand, Director of Customer Success

As with any strategically fuelled content marketing tactic, content marketers can't just implement any sound — it needs to be one that compels your audience to convert

"Being from The 6ix ourselves, we decided that the domestic sounds of Drake would inspire action on our Hub. Drake has transcended beyond widespread popularity — he's now an important part of our collective consciousness, and we wanted to leverage that power in our content."

— Kelly O'Hara, Content Marketing Consultant

In a true demonstration of SMarketing, our Sales team agrees:

"We know when that hot lead bling, it can only mean one thing."

— Adam Brophy, SDR Team Lead

As Hubbub works toward integrating with Oculus VR environments, its next incarnation will leverage exit intent technology, allowing content marketers to make their content yell at visitors who demonstrate intent to close a browser window. “STAY! GET BACK HERE! CONVERT, DARNIT!"

APRIL FOOLS. This is a joke.

However, if you want to implement sounds on your Hub, contact our Customer Success team.

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