How Uberflip Determines Who Owns the Content Experience [Podcast]

March 19, 2018 Randy Frisch


You may have a brilliant idea for a piece of content, but once that content has been created, the work is far from over. Whether your company is a brand new startup or well-established with a large marketing team, it is crucial that someone is overseeing the overall content experience for your audience.

Great content that is hard to find, engage with, or is presented in a way that doesn’t give your audience a smooth, pleasant experience is a disservice to both your customers and your business.

Christine Otsuka, Content Marketer at Uberflip, joins the Content Experience Show to discuss her new ebook and who should own the content experience.

In This Episode:

Content Experience Defined

From environment, to structure, to engagement, Christine explores the three key elements that make up a content experience. She explains that content experience isn’t something you lack—everyone has one—but it should be carefully optimized for your customers and prospects.

“A content experience is the environment in which your content lives, how it’s structured, and how it compels your prospects and customers to engage with your company.” — @christineotsuka

Determining Who Should Own the Content Experience

Christine describes how the Uberflip team created composite sketches of eight different positions within the organization who could potentially own the content experience. This was based on what their role and responsibilities were, what they were invested in on the day-to-day, and whether it made sense for them to actually own a piece or all of the content experience.

The Importance of a Content Experience Manager

While Christine acknowledges that not everyone has the resources to go out and hire a Content Experience Manager just yet, she emphasizes the importance of having someone who oversees end-to-end experiences around content on your team.

“You have to have someone who has a watchful eye on all of the elements of content experience.” — @christineotsuka

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Who Should Own the Content Experience in Your Organization?

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