3 Reporting Features You Absolutely Need in a Content Marketing Software

November 26, 2014 Francois Mathieu

marketing software reporting features

It’s no question that if you want to play the content marketing game, you can’t bet on average content and average offers anymore. With content shock knocking at the door, content marketers need to focus on their strengths and attract the right visitors that will ultimately convert. Whether they use metrics provided by their publishing platform or their marketing automation software, marketers using data to inform their decisions are way ahead of the pack.

There are numerous content marketing metrics that should be tracked and acted upon, assuming that your content marketing platform provides them. So when evaluating vendors to build your next content marketing stack, here are 4 critical reporting features that need to be considered.

1. Lead & Conversion Attribution

Since your attention span for this piece of content might drop at every line, let’s start with the bottom line. The main goal for your content is probably to turn visitors into users or customers of your product. When creating new content, you need to know which previous pieces brought you the most leads and ultimately which ones brought you the most customers.

Your marketing software should allow you to report on first and last page attribution and everything in between. That way, you can find out what pieces of content bring the right visitors through the door and which ones push them across the finish line.

lead attribution

2. Call-to-Action Performance

Even though a piece of content convinced a reader to become a subscriber of your blog or to move to the next step and learn about your product, it’s ultimately the call to action that will make or break the conversion. It’s no secret that all calls to action are not created equal, I can tell you that half of your CTAs are performing better than the other half. But can you tell me which half?

Insights on CTAs performance will allow you to test different variations and help you match the right offer with the right piece of content. Since you can’t improve what you don’t measure, you absolutely need a content marketing solution that will report on CTA performance.

cta performance

3. What Works / What Doesn’t Work

Let’s keep it simple. What if your content marketing software could simply tell you what actually works. Sometimes you do not have enough time to dig into the data and balance the pros and cons of each piece of content. You simply need to answer the question: what works and what doesn’t.

Uberflip’s Content Score tackles that problem by providing you with a simple score. It lets you know which pieces of content performed best overall and allows you to rank their performance based on various criteria like most Form CTA Submits or most landing visits. Content Score is the One Metric That Matters (OMTM) for content marketers.


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