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Remix Your Content: How to find endless inspiration from your same old stuff

Admit it: sometimes even you get bored with your company's content. After all, there's a limit to how many ways you can say the same thing to the same people. Or is there? As it turns out, the answer doesn't lie in figuring out ways to reuse and recycle your content. It lies in understanding how to re-mix your content around the ideas that matter most—to you and to your customers. In this highly interactive workshop session, Tamsen will show you how to do just that.

See the presentation slides below:

Session Notes

Courtesy of Karine Bengualid from Brought to you by the Letter K

What is it we’re trying to do with content? We’re trying to achieve goals like driving inbound, ABM, demand generation, etc. But ultimately, we’re trying to change what people do. We’re trying to change their behavior.

How can you do that? Make your content interesting. Because if it’s not interesting to us (the marketers), it’s certainly not interesting to our ideal customers either.

Sometimes you cannot see what you’re not looking for. In terms of content, that means if you’re bored with your own content (say it with me), so is everyone else.

As marketers, we live in a paradox. We get so caught up in a marketing perspective that we forget to see things from our customers’ perspectives. But if you yourself wouldn’t do what you’re asking of your customers, why should they?

You need to drink the Kool-Aid, friends.

So, how do we as marketers see things?

First, if there’s something you want, that’s your goal. They’re usually things we don’t want to want. (Chocolate cake!) Let’s be clear about one thing: we don’t want the chocolate cake because we’ve been told (repeatedly) that it is unhealthy, that it is bad for you, that it will lead you down a dark road to more chocolate cake. And when you want to lose weight (or be healthy), you shouldn’t want the chocolate cake. But we want what we shouldn’t want because it tastes good and makes us feel good.

How are you looking at it (it being whatever your chocolate cake is)? Is it a balance of quality and quantity? (You can have a small piece of cake, but it’s still cake and cake is still bad!) Finally, let truths guide how you see. (A piece of cake is about equal to eating a bunch of raisins, so why not eat the cake?)

If people are not seeing how you can help them achieve their goal, they won’t want your product/service.

How are you talking about what you have to offer? Put new parameters and details around it. Look at it through the customer’s eyes and lens, their goals, their perspective, their truths.

Once you know your audience and their goals, you’re able to pitch better and deliver your content from their POV.

Only the customer who shares the same values and beliefs as your brand will buy from you. And we already know that you need to change thoughts before you can change action, so what are the high-level thoughts that need to change before their behavior changes?

Then, and only then, can you have your cake and eat it too.


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