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What Marketers Can Learn From Consumer Experiences

We have come to expect a personalized experience in our everyday consumer lives. We listen on Spotify, watch on Netflix and buy on Amazon. We go there because those experiences are personalized. Together we'll explore what this standard means for us as marketers. Spoiler alert: it means the content experience matters. But we'll unpack a framework to help your team personalize content experiences at scale.

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Session Notes

Courtesy of Karine Bengualid from Brought to you by the Letter K

F#*k content marketing. That’s how Randy Frisch started Conex on Day 1.

What the…?

What he meant was we should be focused on the content experience (as a whole) instead of just the output (the content).

Obviously, don’t f#*k content (that would be weird), but consider it all more holistically.

Your audience needs results and they want them now. The best way to satisfy that is to give them a more personalized experience.

Frisch used his son, Ethan as an example of how to provide personalized experience. As a digital native, Ethan is naturally expecting to be able to use all content in the same way. What’s more, when Ethan and his peers don’t get a similar (aka easy) experience, they get frustrated, ask for help, and often might give up.

Asking Alexa (via Spotify) to play a song takes only a few seconds and allows you be in control of what you hear. And based on your historical preferences, Spotify is able to curate personalized lists—similar to the “because you watched…” lists on Netflix.

When someone goes to your website to find content (or answers), they’re not thinking of it in terms of finding blogs or videos or anything by specific type, they are looking to solve a problem (or answer a question).

By serving up custom content, you’re giving your audience what they’re used to already thanks to brands like Spotify and Netflix.

When you structure your content so that it’s easy for your visitors to find and consume so that it’s personal and relevant, here’s what you get:

+7x conversions on gated content

+8x your content reach

+60 percent increase in engagement

The moral of the story is, put yourself in the shoes of your audience, regardless of whether you are a B2B, B2C, or D2C marketer (because according to Ann Handley, 80 percent of B2B buyers expect the same buying experiences as B2C).

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