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Do you need a video strategy that cuts through the noise?

There are so many options for video today—and so many brands doing it poorly— that it can be difficult to know where to start and how to stand out. Discover Amy’s blueprint for personal connection through "vlogging" with actionable tactics that will position you as the leading resource in your field, and more importantly activate a rabidly-loyal community who will stay with you for a lifetime.

Session Notes

Courtesy of Karine Bengualid from Brought to you by the Letter K

Even if you make something for just one reader (or viewer in video’s case), you can still affect the many.

Think about that one time at that wedding when they played a video… #allthefeels

According to a study by The University of Illinois, a handshake can provide a positive first impression, helping you diminish negative impressions, and making the receiver inclined for more interaction.

In the 21st century, avoiding custom video is like a missed handshake.

Different types of handshakes and how they relate to video:

Dead fish – emotionless, lacks passion

Lobster claw – lacks context, over-scripted, playing it too close to the vest

Sweaty palms – anxious, fear of judgement

Confident – authentic, advocates for brands, relevant

When posting your video, gaining that first impression, choose your channels carefully. Context can make or break you. Think about the viewer experience and viewer decision-making process. Consistency is the key to a great video strategy.

  • Hub content: should be 60 percent of your videos and serve your existing subscribers

  • Hero content: should be 10 percent of your videos and serve subscribers and mainstream

  • Help content: should be 30 percent of your videos and is great for search and related videos audiences as well as your subscribers

Remember to always be posting in all of these categories (never just one). Watch for content trending on YouTube so you can serve viewers what they want and lean into those trends. Think of your one perfect viewer and speak to them, rather than the lens. Knowing them will make you feel more comfortable in front of the camera, but will also help you reach others.

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