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How to Build a World-Class Modern Marketing Team

Marketing continues to evolve–as do the skills needed to get content out the door. Configuring a team that supports speed, quality, and creativity requires a fresh approach to structuring marketing organizations. Learn how you can attract and retain top talent, while sustaining a word-class marketing team that drives results. Join Corinne Sklar, Global CMO of Bluewolf, an IBM Company, as she walks through her real-world experience building global teams, and working with clients to design digital marketing organizations. 

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Session Notes

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Corinne’s mantra is make it fast, make it work, make it stand out. Here’s why and how.

1. Make it fast.

“Strategy is a commodity. Execution is an art.” —Peter Drucker

The best teams put a heavy focus on project management and execution, including the right tech and tools to go along with it. If you don’t, you should.

Teach the process to new employees. What is a marketer’s onboarding process? Make sure they understand execution. Instill values up front so you can grow a culture of “get it done.”

Build agile teams. Client stories are the most important, but they have to be grounded in reality.

2. Make it work.

Measure everything… that matters!

Measure every touchpoint and be visible to your sales team. Give sales what they want and you will get what you need. Because they don’t just want leads, they want partnerships. So, define and educate what marketing does. Create a playbook to define parameters. Playbooks are campaigns that are always running, so you can reuse them and use them as benchmarks.

Knowing your customers and their stories helps you to understand what is going on in the business and in real life. How can you be a marketer and not understand what your customers are going through?

3. Make it stand out.

“Everything is design.” —Paul Rand

B2B has to do better with design and put more emphasis on visual communication.

Two interesting reports for you to check out: State of Salesforce and IBM C-Suite Study

Make it beautiful by investing in graphic design. This will make you stand out.

But remember, don’t let your content rot in a corner of the office (internet). Use it. How can you use it and reuse it and extend a campaign’s life?

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