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Everything Has Changed and Nothing Is Different

We’re in the age of disruption. Today’s business climate is changing at an unprecedented rate. Every week, it seems there is a new strategy, social media site or technology that is a “must use” or a “game changer.” What we lose in this endless quest for the next bright shiny business object is that at the core of business while everything has changed, nothing is different. Trust, connection, consistency, and service will always trump any new app to hit the market.

See the presentation slides below:

Session Notes

Courtesy of Karine Bengualid from Brought to you by the Letter K

Oh boy. Don’t get Scott Stratten started on the ethics and integrity involved in marketing.

Wait. That’s actually exactly what he was talking about.

With his example of how Bell Mobility astro-turfed the reviews for their app launch, his point was clear: In today’s digital age, although everything has changed, nothing is really different. Some companies still forgo ethics like the finalists on The Bachelor forgo their individual rooms for a quickie.

But we’re better than that. We won’t fall for those wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am tricks. We’ll demand accountability. Just because someone wants to see instant “viral” results, doesn’t mean they can ignore ethics, integrity, and trust.

Why? Because the review ecosystem online is built on trust. And without trust, your brand and whatever half-baked promises you serve up will fall by the wayside.

Consumers are savvy these days, so stop hoodwinking and instead grow and nurture the trust. It’s way more valuable and will move many more needles than a few bad reviews on your mobility app.

What you can and should do, however, is take the content that people are putting out there and use it for good. Join in on the conversation (and the jokes) they’re already having to build up that trust—like smart USA and the bird poop tweet that was heard around the world. Yes, Virginia, bird poop can total a smart car... in the right quantities. Just like how you treat your brand.

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