Why Account-Based Marketing Is Not Just for Marketers [Podcast]

July 17, 2018 Randy Frisch

Account-based marketing isn’t just an approach to marketing, it’s a transformation that involves everyone across the organization. In the eyes of this week’s Conex Show guest, ABM is simply the evolution of what marketers should have been doing all along.

ABM is the next step in audience segmentation that goes beyond the marketing department and ties every aspect of a business together to engage each “account” through to the end. The end goal is to create an even deeper, more personalized experience for your customers through every stage of the journey.

This is how Jodi Lebow explains account-based marketing, and with the success CollabNet VersionOne has been having, she has a lot of great insight. She joins the Content Experience Show to discuss all things ABM and the importance of giving customers a more personal experience.

In This Episode: 

Content is Relevant to All Branches of an Organization

In the episode, Jodi explains how content is leveraged across marketing and sales to create personalized and engaging experiences for customers and prospects.

“People expect a constant flow of content.” — @fishuw

Account-Based Marketing is More Than a Marketing Approach

ABM starts with sales alignment to really understand which accounts to target. From there, Jodi’s team leverages tech and predictive analytics to figure out what those high fit accounts are going to be. Then it really comes down to content creation, and creating those interactions and experiences to go and engage people from those target accounts.

“We need more relevant content and to keep it going to really create those engagement experiences for our buyers.” — @fishuw

Getting Started with ABM

Jodi suggests that if people are trying to get started with ABM, start having conversations internally, and align with your sales counterparts. ABM can't be something that marketing is going to be off trying to drive on their own or in a silo.

“You have to come at ABM from a multi-pronged approach. It isn't something that just marketing can do.” — @fishuw

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