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The benefits of ABM for B2B businesses

New marketing trends are seldom timeless, but one has been around for 20+ years and isn’t going anywhere. Account-based marketing (ABM) is a growth strategy that flips the traditional marketing funnel upside down by prioritizing a small number of high-value accounts to target with highly personalized outreach. 

As a marketing team doing ABM, you work with sales to identify target accounts that fit your ideal customer persona. Then, you engage these accounts with personalized marketing like curated content, 1:1 video messages, email outreach, targeted ads, and more. Once internal champions are engaged, your teams equip them with the tools they need to influence decision-makers (and get that sale).

The benefits of ABM are numerous, and if you’re not using it, you’re likely missing out. Let’s dig into why B2B businesses need ABM and the five ABM benefits you can’t go without.

Why ABM works for B2B

B2B businesses are uniquely suited to take advantage of account-based marketing. First, you probably manage longer sales cycles with multiple stakeholders. Those deals tend to be larger and the relationships longer term. As a result, the decision-makers involved are interested in taking the time to learn about your offering and how a vendor relationship with you will benefit them over your competition. 

The time and effort involved in these deals make a highly customized ABM experience worth the investment. ABM is specific and personalized to each deal and customer—making each interaction feel intentional and bespoke. You will likely maintain an ongoing relationship with your customers and ABM allows you to start that relationship off on strong footing. 

the benefits of account based marketing apply to some b2b more than others

5 Benefits of ABM

Improved marketing and sales alignment

Work silos can happen to anyone—but your revenue depends on marketing and sales being able to work together effectively. That’s where ABM can help. Sixty-six percent of teams say ABM is significantly improving marketing and sales alignment. 

ABM also helps marketing build goodwill with sales by directly supporting the goals they care about most—namely pipeline, speed, and revenue booked. After implementing ABM, sales teams experienced higher win rates, faster sales cycles, and increased deal sizes. And 84% of teams have seen pipeline growth since launching their ABM programs. As a collaborative effort from both go-to-market teams, ABM helps you achieve the same goals.

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Better conversions and engagement 

It should come as no surprise that personalized marketing is effective. Research published by the Harvard Business Review shows that individual customer stakeholders who perceived supplier content to be tailored to their needs were 40% more willing to buy. 

Moreover, Gartner shows that after implementing ABM, marketing teams experienced improved conversion rates throughout the funnel, increased web traffic, and better advertising and email performance. ABM is proven to drive conversion and engagement—90% of teams experience active engagement with their selected accounts.  

More ROI from ABM efforts

Even though ABM may take more initial time and effort, it's also more likely to deliver a return on your investment. Seventy-two percent of teams say ABM delivers higher ROI than other types of marketing. 

It’s also easier to prove ABM ROI. By combining leading marketing indicators like ad clicks and form fills, with key sales metrics like deal velocity and win/loss rates, you get a fuller picture of how well your ABM efforts are going. And since this strategy drives sales and marketing towards the same goals, you’re able to more quickly understand whether your efforts are yielding the desired results. 

Make limited resources go further

In the world of B2B SaaS, pretty much every marketer is having to do more with less. Almost half (40%) of CEOs don’t believe marketing investments should be protected in a downturn. So, how can ABM help? 

ABM can be beneficial if you have limited resources—focusing your sales and marketing efforts towards specific, high-value leads allows you to concentrate on the accounts that are most likely to convert. And since it’s easier to prove the ROI of ABM, it’s easier to justify the importance of keeping those revenue-generating efforts moving during an unstable quarter.  

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Get more value out of your content 

Creating new content all the time and spreading it widely is expensive and time-consuming (not to mention, questionably effective). Instead, ABM provides a strategic way to create, remix, and repurpose content. The opportunities for reuse are vast—personalized emails, tailored content streams, and choose-your-own-adventure content experiences are just the beginning.

Many B2B businesses choose to personalize existing assets and repurpose content in new ways for new accounts instead of creating net-new content. The best part of this approach is that it saves both budget and time since you’re getting the most out of the collateral you already have. 

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ABM has withstood the ebbs and flows of other trends because it’s just smart marketing. For B2B in particular, ABM boasts benefits like encouraging sales and marketing alignment, improving conversions and ROI, and even helping recession-proof your marketing investments. 

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