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The ABM campaign that influenced over $1M in pipeline

Bri Jones, Senior Marketing Manager at Lev, is back in our customer spotlight and this time she’s talking to Randy about her ABM campaign success story.

In April 2021, Lev hosted their first virtual conference, Ultraviolet, in partnership with Salesforce and Cognizant. Following this event, Bri was asked by one of Lev’s account executives to further demonstrate Lev’s capabilities to one of their large accounts.
So, what did Bri and the team do? They built a personalized experience for the account using Uberflip and launched Ultraviolet After Show as a 1:1 ABM experience.

By using Uberflip to help curate the content and hyper-personalize the experience, Bri ensured everything in the content stream was relevant for the account. They created a branded custom stream, presenting condensed versions of the 34 Ultraviolet sessions complemented by other information specific to the buyer’s use case—and if that wasn't impressive enough, the campaign also leveraged sales engagement with the use of Uberflip’s Sales Assist tool. This allowed the account executive to send an email with a single call to action directing recipients to the personalized content destination.

Uberflip customer story: Lev ABM campaign that influenced over $1M in pipeline

While this campaign started off targeting just one company, the pilot’s success resulted in Lev rolling it out to additional accounts. Now let’s get down to what you’ve been waiting for:

The results

  • The Ultraviolet After Show influenced over $1M in pipeline from two key accounts
  • Lev delivered immediate ROI, account engagement, and new opportunities 
  • Lev’s sales team was exposed to new ways they could use Uberflip to engage key accounts
  • The campaign helped drive adoption of the Uberflip platform at Lev and resulted in a Sales Assist template being created

What is Lev doing next?

Bri and her marketing team are already planning to implement the Ultraviolet After Show for 2022, while Lev account executives are thinking about how they can creatively engage more accounts.

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