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Top Uberflip features you should be using in 2023

Top Uberflip features you should be using in 2022

We want to help you stay at the top of your game when it comes to creating best-in-class B2B buyer journeys that'll keep people engaged (and drive better results). That's why we're here: to make sure you’re getting the most out of the Uberflip platform.

Whether you're creating dynamically personalized content experiences for your account-based marketing (ABM) campaigns, equipping your sales team with the right content to help them close more deals, running a customer engagement program, or looking for efficient ways to manage your content hub, Uberflip has you covered.

Here are the top must-have Uberflip features to save you time and help you build high-converting content experiences. 

Empower your team with Sales Assist

We believe that great content is your sales team’s best friend—the problem is that 60 to 70 percent of marketing-created content goes unused. Uberflip’s sales engagement app, Sales Assist, offers an easier way for your reps to build relevant buyer experiences that will win over your prospects.

This tool uses your tagging structure to surface and organize the high-value content your sales team needs in an easy-to-navigate interface. Once they select the perfect pieces of content, they can then build and share personalized content experiences with their prospects without having to sift through a deep repository or manually create Sales Streams.  

A few of our most recent updates include these advantages:

  • The option to add a gated CTA to your stream, allowing you to ensure your stream is only seen by prospects at the company you created it for or giving you the ability to gather information on a visitor before they dive into your content.
  • Sales reps can see stats for all their shares, both item-specific and overall. They can also track engagement in real time with notifications and view historical share activity and stats. If you're a Sales Assist admin, you can even view engagement stats across your team in one easy-to-view dashboard. 
  • Reps can also see a stream's individual performance, making it easy to adjust content based on insights into what’s working well.
  • Calendar service integration to seamlessly book your next meeting.

Sales Assist team share engagement

Learn more about Sales Assist: 

Manage your content with ease thanks to Bulk Task Smasher

Organizing your content hub pays dividends in the long run as you look to scale your B2B marketing campaigns. We know dedicating the time to take stock of hundreds of content items, streams, content tags, and users to keep your content hub up-to-date is a challenge.

Enter: Bulk Task Smasher.

Bulk Task Smasher helps you efficiently complete repetitive tasks across multiple items, streams, and user profiles all at once—or, as the name indicates, in bulk. Simply compile all of the actions you want to perform into a spreadsheet and upload it to the app. Bulk Task Smasher does the rest, so grab yourself a coffee and watch it work its magic.

Learn more about Bulk Task Smasher: 

Back up your custom code with Code Saver

We all know the importance of having a backup. Many of us back up our phones to ensure we don't lose all our photos, apps, messages, and the rest, right? Well, it’s the same for your custom code. Back. It. Up. 

The Code Saver app automatically backs up the code in your Custom Code blocks. With it, if you accidentally break or delete your custom code, you can quickly and easily bring your Hub back to full functionality by restoring a previous working version of the affected Custom Code block. Phew! Panic over. 

Learn more about Code Saver: 

Gain deeper insights with Enrichment

We’d like to meet just one B2B marketer who hasn’t shaken their fist at data silos and platforms’ walled gardens in their tech stack. If we said you could get deeper insights into your audience, you’d probably ask how before we could even finish the sentence. 

Our newest addition to Uberflip Analytics, Enrichment allows you to import company and contact information from your integrated marketing automation platform to enrich your Uberflip data. Once this info is integrated, the dashboards in Uberflip's platform let you discover what buyer contact or organization is viewing what content. You can also create lookalike audiences by making inferences about similar organizations and industries interested in a specific kind of content. By doing so, you can make better content strategy decisions and ABM decisions to impact your organization's growth.

6sense Enrichment takes Enrichment to the next level by uncovering which companies and industries are engaging with your content—even if they aren’t currently known in your MAP—by taking firmographic data from 6sense and combining it with your Uberflip Analytics data.

You get a full view of each piece of content an account has viewed and visited, as well as engagement metrics such as form submissions, view time, scroll depth, and more! All this helps you drive better content personalization and outreach.

6sense enrichment company discovery dashboard

Learn more about Enrichment: 

Dynamically customize content destinations with personalizer apps 

If you’re someone who spends a lot of time customizing campaign destinations for your target accounts, or if you have plans to launch an account-based marketing strategy soon, you are probably daunted by the prospect of creating hundreds of personalized content destinations. 

With Uberflip’s suite of personalizer apps, you’ll be able to dynamically customize your Uberflip streams based on an account’s name, industry, geography, job function, and more. Our personalizer apps are powered by integrations with industry-leading B2B data providers: Demandbase, 6sense, Clearbit, and Bombora. We also have a Query String Personalizer that relies on the parameters you define in your URL. 

Once you’ve installed your personalizer app, you can alter everything in your stream, from its banner, messaging, and even the content that appears. These apps make it easy to add that extra layer of personalization to your account-based marketing programs without spending hours creating custom content for every account.

Learn more about personalized content experiences: 

Easily track campaigns with Embed Parameters 

It's likely you're already using UTM parameters (also known as URL parameters) to understand where direct traffic to your Uberflip Hub is coming from, to get a clearer picture of what's working, and to measure how your sales activity is impacting performance. 

As marketers, you take the time to create UTM parameters, but it's a nightmare when they're used inconsistently. Even if you use the correct codes, but some are capitalized and some aren't, it can mess things up.

That’s where the Embed Parameters feature can help bring clarity to which teams and tactics are contributing to your business goals. Sales teams don't have time to ensure that their UTMs are intact and correct, so it's a great way to guarantee they’re being applied consistently across the board, even outside of marketing.

With Embed Parameters, you can set up URL parameters and predefined values that will be added automatically to all embeds generated by Embed Item Tile, the Uberflip extensions, and Sales Assist. You can get more accurate results and peace of mind knowing that your URL parameters (including both UTM and fully custom parameters) will be automatically added to your link URL whenever embedded content is shared from your Hub.

Learn more about Embed Parameters:

Supercharge your content experience

Easily integrating all of your favorite tech and features doesn’t have to be a far-fetched fantasy. You can get started with a simple click of a button. With tons of apps and features to use, Uberflip will help you create buyer journeys with personalized content experiences that influence and direct buying behavior.

And the best part? Our team and community of developers are continuously working on new, innovative offerings.

Each quarter, we host a product launch event to announce new product releases focused on expanding capabilities, control, and ease of use for our customers.