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Quickly create engaging content destinations for ABM and Demand programs with Uberflip Campaign Essentials


It’s no secret that in today’s business climate, marketers are tasked with executing on their go-to-market strategies with limited resources,tight budgets, and even tighter timelines. We’ve heard from so many others in your position—creating destinations for your marketing campaigns is time-consuming, cumbersome, and more of a hassle than it has to be. 

When we asked, only 1 in 2 marketing leaders said that their teams are able to easily create landing pages, blog posts, webpages, and other content experiences. Considering that all of your campaigns lead to content, that’s an alarming statistic.

Marketers need a way to quickly spin up campaign destinations that engage buyers and help move them rapidly along the buyer journey. The longer you wait, the less relevant your campaigns and content will be.

To fill this important gap, we’re excited to launch Uberflip Campaign Essentials to help marketers create engaging content destinations that accelerate pipeline opportunities and improve retention. Uberflip Campaign Essentials is a new product tailored for demand marketers who want to leverage content to create destinations for campaigns and ABM programs —all at a price point that enables marketers to test the capabilities of a content experience platform without breaking the bank.

What you can do with Uberflip Campaign Essentials

Uberflip’s new offering allows marketers to spin up destinations for ANY marketing channel. 

Let’s dig into three examples of what you can do:

  • Build personalized content streams for ABM program

  • Supercharge email nurture programs

  • Create engaging ad destinations

Build personalized content streams for ABM programs

We know that personalization is a highly effective tactic that often requires a large time and resource commitment, which is why many organizations struggle to get their programs off the ground. Uberflip Campaign Essentials enables marketers to create customized and curated collections of content to power their ABM strategies. You can take this one step further by leveraging intent data from Bombora, 6Sense, Demandbase, RollWorks, and Clearbit to achieve true personalization at scale.

Our friends at Snowflake leveraged Uberflip for ABM and grew their program from 30 target accounts to over 1500. They saw a 3x deal size after leveraging Uberflip for ABM and 100% engagement on ABM destinations.

Snowflake ABM Example

Supercharge email nurture programs

One of the most important aspects of a successful nurture program is targeted content. To retain the attention of buyers, you need to send them to a destination that encourages them to consume content on their own terms.

Uberflip Campaign Essentials enables marketers to create engaging email nurture destinations in a matter of minutes—with no coding or web development resources required. These agile destinations allow you to easily select and swap out content from a central repository that acts as your single source of truth.

Our friends at Blackbaud created an email nurture program that influenced over $100,000  in pipeline from one campaign. Talk about amazing results!

Blackbaud Nurture Campaign

Create engaging ad destinations

The destination you send people to after they click on an ad matters because it influences  whether they’ll stick around or bounce. Make the click count using Uberflip Campaign Essentials to create relevant ad destinations that encourage self-nurturing with binge-worthy experiences.

At Uberflip, when someone enters the sales cycle, we deliver different content across a variety of channels based on the different sales stages. It all centers around a content experience we’ve designed that provides all the content a company would need to evaluate our product. 

We also use a personalizer app from the Uberflip Marketplace to dynamically change the logo, company name, and CTAs depending on who hits the destination — allowing us to present these targeted experiences on-demand with no manual effort!

We’re just getting started...

Uberflip Campaign Essentials can be used across your entire go-to-market strategy. Here are a few more ways you can use Uberflip to put your content to work for your campaigns:

  • Direct mail

  • Virtual events

  • Webinars

  • Product launches

Ready to learn more? Request a demo to see Uberflip Campaign Essentials in action




About the Author

Rahim is a former Senior Product Marketing Manager at Uberflip. He loves understanding the market, crafting messaging, and enabling internal teams for success.

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