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Uberflip’s 6sense Enrichment


As modern-day marketers, you know personalization isn’t just expected—it’s an absolute must for your buyers. But without a deep understanding of the who, what, and where of your content’s engagement, it can be hard to measure and improve your campaigns. Gaining insights into your audience and how they’re consuming content enables you to better personalize your content experiences to accelerate your buyer journey. At Uberflip, we know the importance of getting those insights to shed light on the dark side of your funnel, which is why we’re introducing Uberflip’s 6sense Enrichment. This feature helps you discover what companies are engaged with your content, even if they’re not a contact in your marketing automation platform (MAP). A game-changer, right?

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What is 6sense Enrichment?

With most web traffic being anonymous, as a marketer, you can see someone's looking at your content and that certain pieces of content are performing well, but you often have no idea who's looking (unless they’re already in your MAP). Without knowing who’s driving the most impactful numbers, there are limits to how actionable your existing engagement data can be. Enter 6sense Enrichment. This feature takes firmographic data from 6sense and combines it with your Uberflip Analytics data. It allows you to identify visitors and see which companies and industries are engaging with your content before they fill out a form or call to action—with no need for them to already be in your MAP. By leveraging this enriched data, you’ll gain the ability to better personalize your content experiences and campaigns to your buyers.

6sense enrichment company discovery

It’s all well and good having this data, but the way it’s presented matters. We thought of that too. You can easily visualize the data with the Company Discovery dashboard. This dashboard gives you insights across companies and industries and allows you to drill down to look closer at what matters to you. It’s effortless and informative to look at and use.

6sense enrichment company discovery dashboard

Enrichment benefits and capabilities

The insights gained from 6sense Enrichment empower marketers like you to use their findings to improve and perfect their future content experiences and marketing campaigns. Uberflip’s 6sense enrichment analytics and insights allow you to: 

  • Quickly measure the impact of marketing programs on pipeline
  • Identify who your returning customers are and dive deeper into what assets brought them to your hub initially and what keeps them coming back
  • Understand the journey that unknown companies/accounts go through to show your top-performing assets and campaigns
  • Discover if your marketing efforts are reaching the industries and segments you’re targeting and if it’s resonating with them
  • See a full view of every piece of content an account has viewed/visited, as well as the engagement metrics such as form submissions, view time, and scroll depth, to name just a few

Explore Uberflip’s 6sense enrichment today

Want to find out more about how Uberflip’s 6sense Enrichment can help elevate your content experiences and campaigns? Speak to an Uberflip expert today.