Getting Personal with 2000 Target Accounts: An Inside Look at Snowflake’s ABM Strategy

March 10, 2020

Account-based everything is on the rise this year, and there’s no one better to share a look into their ABM strategy than all-star Daniel Day. 

In this video, our CMO Randy Frisch sits down with Daniel to chat about: 

  • How he wowed his executive team by reaching and engaging multiple people within Snowflake’s target accounts
  • The experiences he built that empowered buyers to explore relevant and timely content 
  • Why 60-70% of Snowflake’s marketing team’s time is spent talking to sales

  • The value of having customer-facing marketing content at your fingertips, easily searchable by persona or use case
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Relevant, Timely, Contextual Personalization
Relevant, Timely, Contextual Personalization

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