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How to Leverage Uberflip for Account-Based Marketing and Selling

Account-based marketing (ABM) and account-based selling (ABS) are powerful strategies to target potential customers. My current role at Uberflip is to work with our enterprise customer base and encourage expansion within different geographical regions and business units. 

I’ve been placed in a unique position to build and execute programs for ABM and ABS. My goals are to show an investment in specific companies, create intrigue, and deliver value. Conveniently for me, the Uberflip platform offers a variety of powerful tools that complement my work, allowing the creation of personalized and immersive content experiences.

As a tool for account-based marketing and selling, there are four key uses of Uberflip that I leverage within my role:

  1. Personalized content assets
  2. Tailored calls-to-action (CTAs)
  3. Customized content experiences (to house content assets or hub items and CTAs)
  4. Targeted email campaigns

I build out these items for accounts with the greatest opportunity. Using Uberflip helps greatly for speeding up and scaling this process for ABM.

1.  Personalized Content Assets

To encourage my audience to learn about our solutions, I wanted relevant and striking content that speaks to a specific company and their needs. I created and co-branded several pieces of content within Uberflip to provide important information and education on the value our company can provide.

ABM Personalized Content | Uberflip
Example of an Uberflip content stream with co-branding for an article and ebook

2. Calls-to-Action (CTAs)

As marketers are well aware, a call-to-action is more effective when it’s relevant, enticing, and personalized. With Uberflip, there are many different types of CTAs you can create to target an audience based on their needs. Focusing on accounts allows these requests for engagement to be highly targeted. I’ve used this feature to encourage “soft” actions (e.g., driving the user to another piece of content) or to promote an actionable next step (e.g., booking a meeting).

ABM CTAs | Uberflip
Example of Uberflip calls-to-action to drive engagement

3. Customized Content Experiences

Using Uberflip, I can assemble digital assets into one immersive and fully branded web experience. Here, I can customize messaging, branding, content assets, and CTAs. Uberflip drives an online audience from one piece of content to the next, with a clear path for engagement. These experiences integrate with marketing automation, email platforms, social media, and analytics to allow for a very robust use.

ABM Customized Content | Uberflip
Example of a fully branded, customized content experience with Uberflip

4. Email Campaigns

There are many sophisticated methods to distribute the customized assets I’ve described above. One simple and effective way is through email. It allows me to test different forms of messaging, promote individual forms of content, and drive people to different Uberflip experiences. Uberflip also integrates with several emailing tools to quickly pull in different forms of content, and drive people to various web destinations.

Uberflip Extension

Example of using the Uberflip Chrome extension for email

Overall, Uberflip is a valuable and versatile tool for my account-based marketing and sales. While it allows content to be scaled across a wide variety of departments and use cases, within my own account-based context, it allows me to increase relevancy, drive warmer introductions, and create better relationships.

Visit Uberflip Help to access more how-to guides and troubleshooting articles, or to contact Uberflip Support. 

About the Author

Working in Account-Based Marketing, Heidi develops marketing strategies to drive interest, engagement, and revenue acceleration from top tier accounts at Uberflip. She lives and works in downtown Toronto, and helps run a local ABM Meetup Group.

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