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Uberflip Users Win First-Annual Pipeline Marketing Awards

The winners of the first-annual Pipeline Marketing Awards have been announced and we’d like to say a big congratulations to all 24 winners. The inaugural awards program, sponsored by Bizible, Heinz Marketing, LinkedIn, Radius, and Uberflip, aims to celebrate B2B marketers working to expand and optimize the entire funnel, not just the top, with a goal of growing revenue.

A special congratulations to Michelle McCarthy, Director of Marketing Operations for Blackbaud. Michelle and the Blackbaud team have been Uberflip customers for the past two years. Michelle was selected as a winner because “revenue informs every decision she makes as a marketer. She uses marketing and sales data to optimize her marketing efforts, widen the sales funnel, and maximize revenue growth.” Congrats Michelle!

Another special congrats to our Agency partner (and also user!) Perkuto. Justin Norris, Perkuto’s Marketo and Salesforce Solutions Architect was described by one of his clients who nominated him as “a passionate marketer who helps clients connect Marketo, their CRM, and marketing attribution to show how the organization is driving results across the entire funnel. With a clear focus on the company’s bottom line, he innovatively pursues new ways of making the pipeline more efficient.” Congrats to you, Justin!

Check out all the winners:

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