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Uberflip recognized as a leader in G2’s spring 2021 reports

Three G2 leader badges for highest user adoption in Spring 2021, leader for spring, and leader enterprise for spring

The Uberflip team is very excited to share five wins in G2’s spring 2021 reports across the Content Experience Platforms and Content Creation categories.

Released quarterly, these reports rank the best software products and services worldwide by gathering reviews from verified product users and combining this customer satisfaction score with data from online sources and social networks. Grid reports, for instance, show which products have the most satisfied users and largest presence in the market.

In the latest version of G2’s reports, Uberflip is once again a leader in the Content Experience Platforms category—a category we’ve worked hard to build in the martech space.

Here’s the full list of awards:

  • A leader in G2’s Grid for Content Experience Platforms
  • A leader in the Enterprise Grid for Content Experience Platforms
  • A leader in G2’s Grid for Content Creation
  • A leader in the Enterprise Grid for Content Creation
  • Highest User Adoption in the Enterprise Implementation Index for Content Creation

“At Uberflip, one of our core values is to listen, understand, and value our customers and G2 has been an important channel we leverage to deepen our understanding of what truly matters to them,” said Yoav Schwartz, CEO of Uberflip. “Receiving this recognition is one of the highest honors because it’s reflective of our customers’ satisfaction and their adoption of our platform, which are important markers of our success.”

Here’s a look at some of the things our customers have to say:

“When Uberflip says ‘content experience platform’ they mean it—beautiful presentation of content, navigation and tagging, personalization features, CTA and linking strategies, ability to customize features, etc.—making it the perfect complement to a company's website.

Because the platform is easy to use (no coding experience needed) and changes can be made on the fly, it puts the marketer in the driver's seat and the robust analytics provide everything you need to know to optimize your content strategy and share valuable insights with other teams.” Michael J.B.

“I have used Uberflip in my past two companies. As CMO, it is critical for me to make in-depth research, customer case studies, and product materials as easy as possible for prospects, customers, and my sales team to find and gain value from. Uberflip is like Netflix for my content where our resource center has become a competitive advantage for our company. We have closed several new customer partnerships because we provide content to them in a unique and customized way. I really like this product, the team at Uberflip we work with, and the company in general. Good humans.”  Dan L.

Being recognized as a leader—and seeing such high user adoption amongst some of the most innovative companies in the world—is an honor. In 2021, Uberflip will continue to innovate to offer additional value to our customers. Check out our latest feature release.