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Uberflip Announces New Chief Customer Officer

Uberflip is excited to announce the appointment of David Kriss to Chief Customer Officer. In this newly formed role for the company, Dave will be responsible for maximizing impact, and ultimately ROI, for Uberflip’s customer base. In leading the customer experience team, he will implement and oversee all strategic initiatives designed to support customers in their use of the platform. All customers will have the opportunity to work closely with Dave and leverage his expertise to enhance their partnership with Uberflip.

“Dave has a unique approach to customer engagement that focuses on building processes to optimize operational efficiency, while ensuring lifetime value for customers,” said Jeremy Schultz, CEO of Uberflip. “Dave brings a new perspective that draws on over 25 years of B2B experience, demonstrating a consistent track record of delivering value and ROI to customers, investors and employees.

Dave comes to Uberflip from Modus Software, where he was Chief Customer Officer and Senior Vice President of Customer Experience. During his tenure there, he successfully overhauled their GTM strategy and redeveloped their customer experience team to drive a 150% increase in platform utilization within 24 months. He also established a strong track record of decreasing customer attrition. Dave also served as VP of Customer Success at Seismic Software and SAVO, as well as previously holding a Senior Director of Customer Intelligence position at Verizon.

“I believe that any company is more successful when all stakeholders have an equal seat at the table and can transparently see how they receive more value than they invested,” said Dave Kriss, Chief Customer Officer at Uberflip. “No matter whether you’re using Uberflip to maximize go-to-market outcomes, drive demand generation, or improve your sales pipeline, my commitment to our customers is we will work in lockstep with you to achieve your goals.”

Dave’s appointment is part of a larger series of transformative changes that are happening at Uberflip this year, as the platform expands to support marketing, sales and customer success use cases. Dave will play a critical role in supporting these product enhancements, including a deepened focus on supporting the entire customer journey end-to-end based on what customers want and need most.

“Customers invest in Uberflip because we’re helping to solve some of their greatest customer engagement challenges – and those need to be addressed quickly,” said Dave Kriss. “My role is all about ensuring that you get the absolute most out of our platform.”