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The Next Generation of Uberflip Enables Personalized Engagement at Scale

Uberflip is excited to announce the next generation of its platform, which enables B2B marketers to deliver personalized engagement throughout the customer lifecycle. 

The company has transformed its product suite in response to a shifting B2B buying landscape. Not only do the majority of B2B buyers expect a personalized experience throughout the buyer journey, but they’re also seeking a purchase experience that’s largely self-service. This rise in self-service buying has changed the typical B2B marketing and sales approach. As the customer is now at the wheel, they’re looking to self-educate - yet, many marketers struggle to deliver on impactful personalized experiences. 

Uberflip’s evolved platform helps marketers guide their audiences down the funnel, in a way that meets buyers and customers wherever they are in the journey. With more strategic support for demand generation, campaign destinations and personalized engagement at scale, Uberflip helps B2B teams revolutionize the way they engage with their audiences to drive more meaningful connections and tangible results - and ultimately, better business outcomes.

Here is what’s new with the Uberflip platform:

  • Personalized destinations – deploy landing pages, microsites, event pages and more in just a few minutes using Uberflip’s drag-and-drop destination builder. No IT or development support needed. Leverage your centralized content hub to automatically personalize destinations for each buyer persona.

  • Mobile-adaptive design – rapidly build destinations that are optimized for mobile viewing. Over 50% of global web traffic occurs on a mobile device, making this imperative for successful marketing.

  • Real-time analytics – see who is engaging with each of your content assets and use those insights to create impactful content-rich destinations that move buyers through the self-service buyer journey faster.

  • Enhanced personalization – easily spin up personalized destinations, with the ability to segment content assets by industry, persona, or buyer stage. This enables marketers to create more impactful campaign destinations, while sales teams can create customized sales destinations that move opportunities along faster.

  • Enriched account-specific analytics – sync your marketing automation platform data to attribute engagement to specific contacts and accounts. This enhances marketers’ ability to further personalize experiences, measure impact on the buyer journey, and prove marketing ROI. Uberflip supports data enrichment from Eloqua, Marketo, HubSpot and Pardot. 

This is just the beginning of Uberflip’s product transformation with more exciting updates coming out throughout the year. Later this summer, Uberflip will be releasing an enhanced AI-powered personalization feature. This will enable marketers to create destinations that listen, absorb signals, and enrich buyers’ experiences with personalized resources, insights, and suggestions. As more B2B marketers move towards account-based marketing (ABM), the need for personalized destinations becomes more cumbersome. With AI-powered personalization, marketers can turbocharge their personalization efforts quickly and easily. AI will also improve operational efficiency by auto-organizing digital content and assets with AI-powered auto-tagging for easy content discovery. 

This next generation of Uberflip supports a more seamless experience across the entire customer journey, enabling marketing, sales and customer success to drive more personalized, consistent experiences. Uberflip can spin up content recommendations that sales can use to move deals along. Sales can also leverage enriched analytics to get insight into prospect engagement, and lean on intent data to determine the best next step. Customer success teams can use those same analytics features to determine what a customer needs in order to drive cross-sell, up-sell opportunities and get ahead of potential churn by providing helpful content that caters to specific customers’ needs. 

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