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Uberflip named an enterprise leader by G2 based on verified customer reviews

Uberflip named an enterprise leader by G2

G2 has named Uberflip a leader in two categories in its fall 2021 reports. The G2 fall 2021 report ranks top software products and services based on reviews from verified product users. By combining customer satisfaction scores with data from online sources and social networks, G2 is able to show which products have the most satisfied users and largest presence in the market.

The full list of awards includes:

  • Fall Leader
  • Enterprise Leader
  • Users Love Us

Here’s what some of Uberflip’s customers have said recently on G2 about their experience: 

"Best marketing tool to connect buyer journey, content and demand generation"

Uberflip solves for some of the biggest, most common B2B marketing challenges all in one place. We're able to take buyers along a content journey and serve up the content that resonates most with them. And on the back end, all of the features give us the power to optimize SEO, get content-specific engagement insights and the flexibility to serve up content on brand and where we want it.

—Hailey M, Director of Growth Marketing

"Excellent partners and people"

Throughout our Uberflip onboarding experience, we had the opportunity to partner with some of the incredible staff at Uberflip. Kristen Brophy has been our rock-solid customer success manager. She is empathetic, a clear communicator, responsive, and raises creative solutions for any of our use cases. Catherine Waite has also been extremely helpful during our Hub build-out and went above and beyond to make the integration of various pieces of content less burdensome on myself and my team. Nathan Poch, has been exceptional and remained incredibly resilient when we were trying to figure out some of the more technical integration challenges when bringing our DAM solution and Uberflip together. And, finally, Josh Gladstone was very helpful and offered some innovative ways for us to set up our analytics and tracking mechanisms within Uberflip. Every one of them is a pleasure to work with and has made the Uberflip experience all that much better.

—Kate D, Content Marketing Manager

For more information on Uberflip, visit or click here to see our latest product release information.