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Uberflip Customers Take Home 2017 Stackie Awards

Stackie Awards MarTech Conference | Uberflip

As a follow-up to last week’s Martech Conference in San Francisco, we would like to congratulate all six winners of this year’s third-annual Stackie Awards. A special mention goes out to Uberflip customers Allocadia, Aprimo, and Microsoft for assembling award winning technology stacks.

Their entries were judged the best of the best, for building stacks that aligned the right technology with their target business goals and processes. The presentation of their stacks on a single slide was recognized for excellence in conceptual organization, insight, clarity, design, and detail.

The entire roster of entries for the 2017 Stackie Awards can be viewed in this SlideShare.

As previous winners in 2015 and 2016, we can’t help but show off of our own entry.
Stackie Award Entry Marketing Technology Stack | Uberflip
As the martech landscape continues to expand and as we integrate with innovative new technologies, we look forward to next year’s Stackies (with fingers crossed for a win!).

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