Own the Journey: A Field Guide for Becoming a Marketing Explorer

Being a content marketer is a little like traveling. There are those who wander and those who stick close to home. There are “marketing tourists” who follow in others’ footsteps and “marketing explorers” who blaze their own trails. Which one are you? This eBook asks marketers to take a good hard look in the mirror and identify where they stand in their marketing path; from a Marketing Homebody, to Marketing Tourist, to Marketing Navigator, to Marketing Explorer.

Own the Journey: A Field Guide for Becoming a Marketing Explorer features tips and best practices for marketers to advance along their content marketing journey and encourages them to focus on content experiences. It also includes in-depth, data driven analysis conducted by our resident data scientist on how content experience can impact content’s performance.

About the Author

Jermaine Reyes

Jermaine Reyes is the Content Marketing Manager at Nextopia. Jermaine keeps both eyes open to emerging, disruptive technologies and the simple fundamentals of planning and executing well.

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Who Owns the Content Experience?

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