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Trends Report: What Today's Marketers Are Focused On in 2020

Find out what strategies, tactics, and trends marketers are focused on this year in Uberflip's annual trends report.

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Trends. It’s a buzzword in and of itself. Trends are captivating, interest-grabbing, attention-seeking and utterly distracting all at the same time. Yet we cannot seem to get enough.

This year, we surveyed 330 marketers from demand, growth, digital, content, and strategic functional areas and asked them what they’d recommend other marketers focus on in 2020. Our goal here was to elicit the top marketing trends amongst today’s marketers to find out “what was trending.” And instead, the answers we received were far more practical and pragmatic than we could have imagined. 

Want to know what they said?

We’ve compiled eight of the best strategies and tactics marketers are actually employing in 2020. No more distractions. Instead, these marketers—just like you—are betting big that the strategies listed in our annual trends report will help them achieve their goals in the year ahead. 

Download this guide if you want to:

  • Find out what eight strategies marketers are prioritizing 
  • Hear directly from nearly 20 marketers just like you
  • Gut-check that you haven’t dropped the ball or missed something big
  • Receive practical advice on how to implement today’s top marketing trends

Think of the Marketing Trends 2020 Report as your annual check-in with your peers, except all written out, neatly packaged, and searchable. 

About the Author

Christine is an experience-obsessed marketer. She was Uberflip's Director of Content, where creating engaging content experiences for marketers was a challenge she accepted daily. She believes that if you can't attract, engage, and compel that next action with your content, then why bother? She also has a thing for pugs, but who doesn't.

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