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Customer marketers: Level up your content experience with Uberflip

Customer marketers: Level up your content experience with Uberflip

Content experience lives at the heart of customer engagement, and as a customer marketer, you’re always looking for ways to enhance that experience. Whether it’s onboarding, growing awareness, or gaining advocates, retaining and engaging your customers is the key to success. 

Great content experiences aren't just for buyers, converting leads, or growing pipe. Customer marketers can also use content experiences to build loyalty, support education, and for customer expansion. With the Uberflip platform, you can create those customer experiences with no additional time or resources. Stick with us as we unpack how Uberflip can help you maximize your customer’s investment.

Learn more about how Uberflip can accelerate your buyer journey:

Create a one-stop hub for new content and information 

The ways you keep your customers engaged and the format in which you do so matters. As a customer marketer, it’s important to find the sweet spot between keeping your company top of mind and bombarding your customers with information. With Uberflip’s marketing streams, you can achieve this through white-glove customer service—namely binge-worthy personalized content experiences that require little manual effort. Streams enable the right cadence of contact, improved communication with customers and allow you to make changes in real-time. Streams provide an easy one-stop-shop for your customers to digest new information at their own pace.

Reduce email fatigue with marketing streams

We all know email fatigue far too well. While email is a great outreach tool, people’s inboxes are often full of clutter so you must make sure that you stay top of mind by ensuring your valuable content isn't getting buried in a mountain of unread emails. The better way to do that is with a dynamic content destination that can be bookmarked by the customer. With Uberflip's marketing streams you can reduce customer email fatigue while ensuring they’re still getting access to all the content they need through a self-service portal they can refer back to anytime.

Marketing streams can be used to promote onboarding, awareness, or advocacy. At Uberflip, our customer marketing team uses marketing streams for:

  • Onboarding: Create customer certifications or collate all onboarding materials into one easy-to-access stream.

Uberflip onboarding example

  • Post-event follow-ups: Share feedback surveys, follow-up content, and case studies all in one place.

Uberflip post-event follow-up example

  • Ambassador resource center: Guide customers on how to participate in various advocacy activities such as writing reviews, sharing their stories, or submitting a referral. 

Uberflip ambassador resource center example

  • Customer expansion: Include 1:1, 1:few, or 1:many personalization in your streams, which can be linked from an advert, email, or event invitation. 

Uberflip customer expansion example

Engage your customers and keep their attention

Customer engagement is the best way to gain brand ambassadors and expand or continue to develop your relationship with customers. Uberflip can help customer marketers achieve desired outcomes by leveraging Uberflip’s analytics and reporting, and AI recommendations. These tools can uncover the content your customers engage with most, to help you serve up more of the content that will increase enablement, expansion, and customer satisfaction.

Understand what content your customers care about

Uberflip’s analytics performance dashboards can help you get a clear picture of which customer marketing materials and strategies are working best with your customers. Our dashboards make it simple to see what’s resonating with your customers most, what topics they’re engaging with best, and what isn’t working so well. What’s even better is with Uberflip’s Enrichment you can connect to your known contacts and understand behavior by industry, company, and individual—allowing you to take personalization even further with in-depth 1:1 insights. Through Enrichment and Uberflip’s analytics, you can optimize your strategy to serve your customers more of the content they’re most interested in, and use the information you know about a company or industry to further expand your customers within that category or organization.


Craft a full content experience beyond conversion

In the current marketing landscape, personalization is expected. While there's a lot of discussion around personalization at the top of the funnel to get the lead, what about post-conversion to keep them engaged, expand deals, and increase adoption? With Uberflip you can continue to provide a white-glove experience for your customers to increase and continue their engagement. As a customer marketer, you’re likely creating bespoke experiences and hand selecting content based on discussions your customer teams are having and tailoring your content directly to the person and business needs. Uberflip can help you take that further with personalized AI-powered recommendations. Uberflip’s AI technology uses intent data and machine learning to serve personalized content recommendations, helping your customers accelerate when it comes to self-education. Offering up the next piece of content helps your customers on their education journey. Whether it’s for onboarding or advocacy activities, personalized content can make their journey more impactful and keep them engaged for longer, helping further grow even further the personalized experiences you’re building, with fewer resources.

Level up your customer marketing campaigns with Uberflip

Creating those all-important high-value content experiences is vital to maintaining engagement with your customers. Uberflip not only helps you do this but it does so in a way that can save you time and resources. We don’t expect you to just take our word for it—hear what our customers are saying:

Speak to an Uberflip expert today and discover more about Uberflip’s tools and features.