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4 ways to use Uberflip to drive customer engagement

Now more than ever, companies are focused on managing churn while increasing revenue from their existing customer base - because it’s easier than new business! How do you build experiences that keep customers wanting more? 

In this article, we’re sharing some amazing examples and ideas to help you use content experiences to engage customers.

1. Manage Your Customers With a VIP Experience 

Take your customer experience to the next level by providing them with their own personalized content Hub. With a Hub for every customer, you can get super granular with customizing everything from the home page to the navigation menu to speak directly to the needs of your customer. 

Your CSMs will love the ability to put the most relevant and timely information on the home page as a way to keep their most strategic accounts updated on the latest news. They can also password protect the entire Hub or individual Streams, which makes it safe to share sensitive content. 

Customer Hub Example

2. Upgrade your old newsletter experience

Almost every company has one—or sometimes multiple—newsletter that follows generally the same format. They all have multiple links to separate pieces of content that often lead visitors to dead ends. For your customer to consume the entire newsletter, they need to bounce back and forth between their inbox and web browser. 

It’s time to give the traditional email newsletter an upgrade. Instead of multiple calls-to-action and separate, disconnected links, create a simplified email with a single CTA that sends users to a branded Marketing Stream. With only one CTA in your email, you can bet on higher click-through rates, but more importantly, you’ll be able to keep readers engaged and lead them down a content journey by packing it up into a single stream of content. 

Our customer marketing team at Uberflip recently took this approach with our customer newsletter. Our emails have a single call-to-action that leads to a branded content experience. And the results have been awesome. In just two weeks we’ve seen an average visitor consume four pieces of content per visit, almost double the results we saw in our old newsletter format. 

The other great benefit of approaching your newsletters this way is that you can promote them on social or even in employee email signatures using platforms like Sigstr. It really lengthens the life of your newsletters far beyond the first couple of days. 

Newsletter Experience Example

3. Put customers on a path to success

Onboard customers faster with personalized training programs and educational content. With Marketing Streams, you can curate only the most relevant training content from your library and package it in an experience where the next article is always the next best step. 

Success teams and trainers love this use case because it gives them the ability to tailor-make a content experience for every team they work with, with the flexibility to update content on the fly and keep it relevant. 

Customer Onboarding Example

4. Take Your CAB From Drab to Fab

At Uberflip, we use a Hub to manage our Customer Advisory Board (CAB). Since we can lock down the Hub with a password, it makes it easy to share beta information, meeting notes, presentations, and other sensitive material. At any time, a board member can pop into the Hub to access notes from old meetings, upcoming meeting information, and relevant content. 

Everything we need to keep our Customer Advisory Board aligned, all in one intimate package. 

CAB Hub Example

There Are No Limits

When it comes to engaging your buyers with content, the possibilities are endless. I hope you take some inspiration from the examples above, but also push yourself and our platform to create amazing content experiences for your customers. 

About the Author

Rahim is a former Senior Product Marketing Manager at Uberflip. He loves understanding the market, crafting messaging, and enabling internal teams for success.

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