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Our Core Values

We are people with Heart, who are Unique individuals, who have Skill, who are passionate about Technology, who possess a Lean “do more with less” mentality and who are driven by an Entrepreneurial spirit.

  • We act as one team of Uberflippers
  • We are not afraid to fail
  • We embrace a work/life balance
  • We are committed to every Uberflipper’s career path
  • We are a product company before a revenue machine

  • We are not afraid to give and receive direct, constructive feedback
  • We maintain an environment where everyone is approachable
  • We ensure everyone feels respected in how we address them internally and externally 

  • Tech is most powerful when built for humans
  • Enable great buyer journeys for every customer
  • Maintain a workplace that’s exciting to come to

  • LISTEN: Inquire, get feedback, communicate openly
  • UNDERSTAND: Empathize, study, interpret
  • VALUE: Celebrate, appreciate, help, guide

  • We give back to our communities
  • We are both the student and the teacher
  • We make time to educate other Uberflippers