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The Life Of A Marketer In 21 GIFs

Life of a B2B Marketer

Aristotle taught us thousands of years ago that one of the most effective techniques of persuasion is pathos — appealing to one’s emotions. This means that marketers need to have a great understanding of human emotions in order to know how to evoke them from their audiences. But marketers aren’t just observers — we can be a sensitive bunch as well! Here are 21 GIFs that showcase the wide range of emotions that marketers can face on any given day.

1) When you send an email blast to the wrong list

wrong list email

2) When your company completely redesigns your product, making all existing marketing content out of date

product redesign

2) When you just posted an article and it’s gotten a ton of tweets


3) When you’re asked to fill out a landing page you’ve already filled out


4) When your coworker gets an upgrade to a new computer


5) When someone shamelessly copies your content


6) When you first log into your new marketing automation software


7) When the “Great article!” comments are actually from your family and friends


8) When your computer shuts off without saving


9) When someone insists having a blog = a complete content marketing strategy

over it

10) When you forget your boss' last name during a presentation


11) When the design team turns an idea into an artistic masterpiece


12) When someone mentions there will be free drinks at that event you planned on skipping


13) When your boss says that the post you wrote isn’t as good as you thought

ugly cry

14) When you get a spammy email


15) When you send a spammy email


16) When you're asked to help with setting up conference equipment


17) When your company gets a brief mention on Mashable


18) When you have to write totally sales-y press release


19) When someone calls themselves a “social media guru”


20) When Ann Handley or Joe Pulizzi say your blog post is great


21) When you’re starting a presentation and you’re not sure if you made the last-minute changes to the slides


(BONUS) When your boss asks if you’ve been looking at GIFs all day...


 What did we miss? Share your GIF moments in the comments!

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