3 Contagious Content Formats Your Content Strategy Needs [Infographic]

June 4, 2015 Victoria Hoffman

3 Types of Content That People Love to Share

Social sharing is a huge element of content marketing. Achieving a high number of social shares is great for SEO, increases your credibility, and of course, improves your content's visibility.

While you don't have a whole lot of control over whether or not a piece of content goes viral, you do have control over your consistency and your content marketing mix.  And let's face it: Some content formats are more shareable than others. 

We teamed up with BuzzSumo to gather some information on the three most shared forms of content: "How To" posts, quizzes, and picture lists.

Here's why you should be leveraging these three content formats:

  • "How To" posts are the most shared content format, achieving an average of 5,200 shares per post 
  • The average quiz is shared 1,900 times 
  • Picture lists frequently achieve over 100,000 shares

See the rest of the data in our infographic!

3 Content Formats That People Love to Share

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About the Author

Steve Rayson

Steve is one of the BuzzSumo owners and directors. He is a serial entrepreneur and has founded and sold a number of technology companies including Kineo, an eLearning company where he was MD for 7 years.

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Victoria Hoffman

Victoria is the Content Specialist at Docebo.

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