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6 Tips to Increase PPC Campaign Conversion Rates

6 Tips to Increase PPC Campaign Conversion Rates

In the age of online content shock, it can be hard to stand out. That’s why I've compiled a few tips to help you write relevant content for your prospects and a few tricks to create an effective Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign. Consider them best practices to improve conversion rates across the board, making you a midas-touch-marketer!

Content and campaign creation go hand in hand when it comes to increasing the overall conversion rate on a piece of content.  Without compelling original content, you cannot expect your PPC campaigns (or any campaign for that matter) to be as successful as you imagined.

3 Tips For Content Creation

Let’s get started with content creation.  

There’s an overwhelming amount of content out there on the Internet; for your content to reign supreme you need to ensure that it contains three very important pieces of the puzzle:

1. Compelling content

The most common complaint among people or companies who release content on a regular basis is: “Why is no one viewing it?!” You will be happy to hear there's a simple answer for that: it wasn’t compelling.  

Perhaps it was a very targeted piece that only a select handful of people would have found useful.  It might be directed at the wrong target market for your company. Maybe it had spelling errors, or irrelevant sections that had nothing to do with the topic you promised to discuss.  Or, chances are it was not as amazing as you thought it was. Bottom line is: content should work for you, not against you. Create content that is relevant and interesting to your audience. 

2. Who are you targeting?

This is very important and loops into the conversion side of PPC campaigns.  If you are not 1000% sure who you are looking to target.  STOP THE PRESSES!! Without a defined target market, spending time or resources on PPC campaigns and the associated content creation is just not worth it. Period.

Identifying your target audience will help your content perform better, and best of all, conversion rates will be higher too!

3. Actionable content

Once you have created relevant content for your target audience, the final content creation pièce de résistance is asking yourself, what do you want your readers to do? Do you want them to view a video? Go to a landing page? Download an ebook? What action do you want your users to take when they finish this piece of content?

Take some time to visualize the reader's path. Understand  every step of their journey from start to finish. Does your content entice the reader to complete the action you are asking of them? Will your target audience deem it click-worthy? By considering this you will help funnel the most qualified leads further down the conversion path.

3 Tips For Campaign Creation

Now that you’ve created uber compelling content that's targeted your audience and decided on the action item, you are ready to construct the PPC campaign! But, how do you get them to click on your ad? 

Here are three insider tips for creating a PPC campaign that screams "TAKE ACTION!" 

​1. Super clickable call to action

Your ad copy should be compelling, targeted and make a direct ask of the reader, just like the content you crafted. I consider it very much like posting something on Twitter, keep ads short, sweet, and to the point. Keywords play a large role too. Ensure that you are targeting the right people with the right words.

2.  Consistent messaging 

The last thing you want to do to a prospect is to pull a “bait and switch." Ads that are unrelated to the landing page will only generate unresponsive and unqualified leads. Tell your audience what they are going to get. For example, if I said this article was about a basket of kittens found in a pot of gold at the end of rainbow and you clicked-through an post about increasing conversion rates on PPC campaigns, I think you'd be a little disappointed.

3.  Keywords

I touched on this in my first PPC campaign creation point, however, it deserves its own section.

Keywords are the heart and soul of a PPC campaign.  This links back to the second item from writing compelling content: knowing your target audience. Your keywords should always be in line with your messaging and your target . I could go on and on about why you need  to constantly tweak and expand your keywords, however that’s  a blog post for another time.

Next time you think about leveraging PPC to increase the conversion rates on your content, make sure you’ve covered these key points. Remember: great content and a bit of Pay Per Click magic is a recipe for content marketing success! 

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About the Author

Tyler is a former Enterprise Customer Success Manager at Uberflip. He previously received his BBA in Marketing and racked up 10 years of sales/service/support experience in everything from gym memberships to SaaS products.

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