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When your buyer doesn't want marketing [podcast]

Episode Description

On this episode of The Marketer’s Journey, I interview Bill Kramer, VP of Marketing at Karat, a company that conducts live technical interviews for leading tech talent acquisition programs. We discuss his career trajectory so far, content creation and how to market to people who don’t want to be marketed to.

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • When attempting to reach a target audience that’s resistant to most marketing efforts like engineers, a different approach may be necessary. From the beginning, Bill recognized that engineering leaders and software engineers despise marketing, which is why the team at Karat uses quality content and thought leadership to entice prospects while leaving the decisions in their hands.
  • Go where the buyers are. When developing creative content and out-of-the-box solutions to reach people who are marketing-averse, Bill emphasized the importance of staying on top of trends in their space and always being one step ahead of the pack. Part of this strategy includes regularly attending and speaking at events in the technology space to position your brand as a thought leader and authoritative voice on the subject. 
  • Draw attention to the pain points you’re solving with your business. Bill mentioned that part of their strategy at Karat is increasing overall awareness of the pain points in the traditional interviewing process to show companies that there’s a better way of doing things they may not have considered previously. Once they know they’re on fire, so to speak, it’s your chance to step up and help put it out.

About the Author

After 5 years as our CMO, I moved to focus on engaging with our community. This could be a customer or someone just dipping their toes into Content Experience. I am here to guide you, but more likely learn from you and share it back. As Chief Evangelist, I want to bridge your stories so we create a better content experience and in turn customer experience (CX). The term “evangelism” actually comes from Greek history and the three words of 'bringing good news'. This is my goal - to bring good news to you every day. It could be a customer story you could learn from or a simple upbeat thought to get you out of a rut.

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