What Marketers Can Learn from the Evolution of Podcasts [Podcast]

August 26, 2019 Randy Frisch

All good things must come to an end—and the Content Experience Show is no exception. After recording over 200 episodes, Randy Frisch and Anna Hrach are taking a hiatus. In order to close out the show with a bang, the co-hosts are joined by special guest Jay Baer, Founder of Convince & Convert, to speak about the show’s history and the evolution of podcasts as a medium.

Having been an engaged member of the podcast community since its early days, Baer has seen podcasting grow from a niche interest to a cultural movement. New trends (and new podcasts) are emerging every day, and more businesses have embraced podcasting as a valuable form of content. 

In this episode, you’ll hear Baer's reflections on the show’s most memorable interviews, as well as an expert’s take on the future of podcasting. 

In This Episode: 

Why Podcasts Have Succeeded as a Content Form

Where podcasting really shines, according to Baer, is that it is the only multitask-able content experience. As he puts it, people are going to be besieged by content eventually, which is when content experience becomes the most important thing. 

“You can listen to a podcast while shoveling snow or doing any number of other things. You can't watch videos while shoveling snow.” – @jaybaer

Four Major Trends Emerging in Podcasting Right Now

Baer discusses the major ways in which podcasting has changed since he got started—one of them being the emergence of shows with high production value like This American Life that stitch together content thematically on a weekly basis. 

“Think of your podcast like a show. You’re competing for attention against actual celebrities and super high production value.” – @jaybaer

Memorable Guests and Moments from the Show’s History

While it’s great to host well-known industry influencers, everyone agreed that the best guests are always practitioners who can talk about their campaigns and circumstances with a great deal of clarity and insight. 

“I think the interviews that I like the best … are when you get somebody who works at a company who, in my case, is a social media manager; in your case, might be a content marketing manager, demand gen manager, et cetera, who doesn’t really make the podcast rounds so often.” – @jaybaer

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