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Reset your personal brand for career growth [podcast]

In this episode of The Marketer’s Journey, I interview Susanne Gurman, SVP of Marketing at SecurityScorecard. Susanne spent ten years working as a marketer at an established company, but eventually, despite what she had learned and the opportunities she had been afforded, she felt that she had taken the position to its ceiling and made the leap to leave the company. She did not have a job lined up when she left but took the time to rebrand herself and understand her goals before eventually joining the team at SecurityScorecard.

In today’s episode, we talk about the importance of being unafraid of failure, how to build your personal brand, and marketing tactics field marketers are exploring throughout the pandemic, with buyers becoming too “Zoom fatigued” to bother with virtual events.

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • Field marketing has a reputation for being all about events, but there is more to it than that, and especially during COVID, we have had to fill in the gaps with supplementary tactics that drive leads.
  • Since we don’t have physical events to fall back on, it’s important to consider how we create like-minded experiences with our buyers with similar touchpoints and opportunities to get them into the funnel. One of the key ways to take buyers on this journey is with content.
  • As a marketer, your personal brand is extremely important. The first thing you are marketing should be yourself.

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About the Author

Randy Frisch is a co-founder of Uberflip and held many roles, including President and CMO, where he evangelized the content experience.

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