How to Identify and Solve Bottlenecks Within Your Business [Podcast]

December 17, 2018 Randy Frisch

When it comes to content, many organizations feel like they hit a bottleneck somewhere along the way. You may have a plan, a goal, and a process in place, but there’s something holding up the flow and keeping you from meeting your content goals.

According to this week’s guest on the Conex Show, there are three ways that companies experience content bottlenecks. The quantity bottleneck occurs when a business can’t keep up with the demand for content. The quality bottleneck occurs when there is plenty of content, but it’s not great content. Then, there’s the coordination bottleneck. This happens when a company has plenty of high quality content, but can’t seem to get it in the right places at the right time for their customers.

Noah Brier, Co-Founder of Percolate, joins the Content Experience Show to discuss bottlenecks and enhancing creativity through better processes.

In This Episode:

Where Many Businesses Experience Bottlenecks

Brier explains how Gartner’s predictions at the end of last year said that by 2020, content is going to be marketing's biggest bottleneck. He explains the three most common ways teams experience bottlenecks related to content.

“If you don’t want to spend more money, you need an alternative approach, and that’s really what this theory of constraints is all about.” — @heyitsnoah

How to Solve Bottlenecks by Becoming More Efficient

The thing many organizations must think about is: How do we figure out where our bottlenecks are, and how do we do things to make them more efficient? A good example of how you do that from a process standpoint is moving quality control up right before the bottleneck.

“If you want to act more efficiently, you want to avoid any rework or wasted work.” — @heyitsnoah

Why Better Processes and Systems Will Enhance Creativity

There are ways to get more out of everything, and Brier explains that creativity can get better by adding better process to your content marketing.

“Creativity and process and systems shouldn't be at odds.”


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