How Webinars Can Bring Sales and Marketing Together [Podcast]

December 7, 2018 Randy Frisch

When it comes to creating lasting long-form content, webinars aren’t often the first thing that come to mind. After all, isn’t the point of them to create an experience that engages viewers in a real-time live format?

According to Todd Earwood, Founder and CEO of MoneyPath, a webinar done well should be a factory for evergreen content. By following some of Todd’s strategies, like setting up your webinar in the Buzzfeed “listicle” style and pulling highlights, you can create multiple videos and audio recordings to repurpose throughout the year.

Todd Earwood joins the Content Experience Show to discuss the union of sales and marketing, plus surprising findings on webinars.

In This Episode:

Bringing Sales and Marketing Together

When marketing and sales are both trying to reach prospects, whose job is it to control what emails say? While it really depends on the marketing initiative and your business, Earwood says the top-of-funnel and middle-of-funnel outreach typically still lands in marketing's territory.

“We can’t be oil and water. We have to work together.”


Creating Webinars That Serve as Long-Term Content

When you write an ebook, you expect the leads to come in over a long period of time, but if you don’t have a well-attended webinar, most marketers will feel it’s a bust. Earwood suggests that this isn’t the case, and the actual webinar is just the beginning of the content you can create with it.

“If we’re going to really look at the metrics for a webinar, we’ve got to get past this registration- and attendee-only model. It’s not just the live event.” — @earwood

Email’s Shift From Being Standalone Content to a Delivery System for Other Content

Tracking everything from calls-to-action to color of CTA buttons, Earwood and his team took on the massive project of analyzing over 25,000 emails and tracked how SaaS companies followed up and nurtured a cold lead.

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