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How to Build Connections Through Comedy in Marketing [Podcast]

When done right, using comedy in your marketing can break down barriers between you and your audience and foster a deeper sense of connection. On the flip side, it’s easy for a “funny” marketing idea that sounded great on paper to fall flat in execution.

According to this week’s guest on the Conex Show, no matter who you are, you can learn to foster creativity within your team and use comedy effectively. The key is simply that good comedy requires truth.

Bumper Carroll, VP of Creative at Second City Works, joins the Content Experience Show to discuss comedy in marketing and risk-friendly environments.

In This Episode:

Developing an Environment That Fosters Creativity

The ultimate environment for fostering creativity is one that makes everyone feel it’s safe to take a risk. If there’s not that agreed-upon expectation in the room, it becomes very daunting for some people to take a leap and open up.

“You don’t have to be funny, but we can teach you skills that will help you build on one another’s ideas and celebrate each other’s contributions in a way that leads to better creativity.”

— Bumper Carroll

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Comedy Must be Truthful to be Funny

The Second City is now almost 60 years old, running upwards of 75 shows a week. Carroll says the key to its success has been truthful, authentic, and genuine performances. What they try to teach people is that there’s humor in shared human truths.

“Once you demonstrate that you understand your audience, you’re in a much better position to layer on your call to action.

— Bumper Carroll

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Connecting With Your Audience Through Comedy in Marketing

Improv comedy requires that everyone involved is adaptive and collaborative. So when it comes to infusing comedy in your marketing, the same skills apply. Carroll explains how, from a creative standpoint, people don’t necessarily have to be funny or clever, but they can learn skills that will help them build on other people’s ideas in a way that will lead to better creativity.

“Comedy works because it is confirming people’s innate biases or opinions.” — Bumper Carroll

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