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Harness the Creative Curve to Maximize Your Marketing [Podcast]


Have you ever been guilty of using the phrase, “I’m not creative”?

Not only is this false, but there are scientifically proven methods that every person can use to harness and develop creativity. That’s what this week’s Content Experience Show guest, Allen Gannett, talks about in his new book, The Creative Curve. In it, he interviews known “creative geniuses” and scientists and describes their methods.

In this episode, Allen Gannett, Founder and CEO of TrackMaven joins us to discuss the meaning of creativity, and how you can spark your creative genius to reach your goals and take your marketing to the next level. 

In This Episode:

Creativity is Something You Can Learn

While we might imagine creators as people who are constantly doing, one of the things Allen explains is that the vast majority of content creators actually spend a huge amount of time-consuming content as well.

“Most people view creativity as a have or have-not situation, but that is so far from the truth.” — @Allen

Balancing Familiarity with Novelty

Using the work of author J.K. Rowling and Chief Content Officer at Netflix Ted Sarandos as examples, he explains how a balance of familiar and novel is important to consumer taste.

“We like things at the right balance of familiar and novel.” — @Allen

Incorporating Data into the Creative Process

Allen spoke about a day he spent with the Ben & Jerry’s team, and what he learned about how they combine data with creativity by surveying their email subscribers on ice cream flavors.

“I just think that element of even these creators, who are incredibly talented, who are incredibly successful, they spend an inordinate amount of time listening to their audience.” — @Allen

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