How Convince and Convert Levels Up Their Content [Podcast]

August 3, 2017 Randy Frisch

Anna Hrach, Content Strategist at Convince and Convert, joins the Content Pros Podcast to share her three tips for carving a place for yourself in the still-growing field of content marketing.

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In This Episode:

  • How the evolution of content marketing leads to a focus of strategy above all else
  • Why increasing appreciation for content marketing means changing leadership's perception of the work involved
  • How strategizing, treating yo' self, and trying leads to a better career as a content marketer

Quotes from this Episode

“A lot of times content marketing was just sort of assigned to someone. It wasn’t their primary responsibility.” —@annabananahrach

“We really need strategy first and then hire someone who can understand that strategy and translate it.” —@annabananahrach

“To a person who’s looking at everything from the outside, they’re seeing just one blog post, but to the person on the inside, that’s five-ish hours of work.” —@annabananahrach

“What we need to start realize is it’s not just the function of doing, it’s the function of all the strategy that lives behind there.” —@randyfrisch

“It’s not about seeing what sticks to the wall anymore. It’s about actually taking a look at what we’re trying to achieve and then building that roadmap to those goals.” —@annabananahrach

“Just take some time and read for yourself and invest in yourself.” —@annabananahrach

“The entire product of content marketing is just because somebody wanted to try something new.” —@annabananahrach

“There is so much out there that we almost have the luxury of having too much content, but that can create a lot of decision paralysis.” —@annabananahrach


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