Four Marketplace Apps Customers are Using to Improve Engagement and the Visual Experience for Buyers

July 8, 2020 Rahim Lalani

Our customers have a lot on the go and are always looking for ways to create better experiences in Uberflip without investing a ton of time or resources. The Uberflip Marketplace allows customers to easily enhance Uberflip with apps and integrations that can be installed in one click and configured quickly.

This post spotlights four customers using Uberflip Marketplace apps, providing you with some practical use cases. Try a couple yourself!

6sense Personalizer - Scaling ABM Programs With Ease 

Aprimo, a digital asset management and work management software company, is using the 6sense personalizer app to dynamically build ABM destinations for over 1,000 accounts! They are able to package up content in a way that feels totally personalized for each account without having to create individual destinations for each one. Intent data from 6sense powers the entire experience—from customized messaging to content items that only show based on what Aprimo knows prospects are looking for.

History - Improving How Visitors View New and Existing Content 

RLDatix, a patient safety technology company, is using the History app on their Resource Hub to enable visitors to filter content into three different categories: content already viewed, unread content, and all content. This improves the navigational experience because visitors can self-nurture and not have to remember what they’ve already looked at.



Tile Customizer: Extending Tile Descriptions Without any Code!

goeasy Ltd., a financial services company is using the tile customizer app to provide visitors with an enhanced experience when browsing content on their Hub. The app allows them to easily add a tile hover-over effect that provides a description of content—allowing visitors to have a quick preview of what they are about to read before clicking.


iFramer: Embedding Podcasts Recordings, a cloud-based software provider specializing in back-office financial processing, uses the iFramer app to embed podcast recordings from directly into an item. They’ve even turned it into an opportunity to collect emails for subscriptions, by putting a gate over the content.


Start Supercharging Your Experiences 

With tons of apps to choose from, the Uberflip Marketplace will help you create personalized content experiences that influence and direct buying behavior. Get started today by installing an app! 

About the Author

Rahim Lalani

Rahim is the Product Marketing Manager at Uberflip. He loves understanding the market, crafting messaging, and enabling internal teams for success.

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Five Marketplace Apps That Help You Create Better Content Experiences in Uberflip


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