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2 ways Uberflip has used Enrichment to improve our ABM programs

2 ways Uberflip has used Enrichment to improve our ABM programs

Whether you already use Enrichment and are looking for the best ways to leverage it, or you’re curious about what Enrichment can do for your ABM campaigns, this guide is for you. Here’s an inside look at how we at Uberflip have used Enrichment to unlock new content insights and build more intelligent ABM programs.

Enrichment represents the next evolution of Uberflips Analytics. It provides the most detailed look yet at who your audience is, what content they care about most, and at what stage of the buyer journey they’re engaging with you.

Build lookalike audiences

One way we leveraged Enrichment was to build lookalike audiences. Enrichment allows you to look at how a target account engages with your content at a more detailed level than previously seen. This kind of detail can help your growth teams better understand what topic, theme, or type of content is likely to generate the most engagement and accelerate decision-making.

What was our approach?

When we were challenged with targeting a new account for an ABM initiative, we looked for content consumption patterns in accounts with similar characteristics as a data-driven way to select content with the best chance of generating engagement.

What were the steps?

  • We selected a recently closed deal with a buyer profile similar to that of the target account (same company size, industry, etc.) 
  • We  looked at the characteristics of the known contacts who engaged with our content 
  • We examined what assets were consumed and by whom
  • We created a new Marketing Stream using the best-performing content assets for that target

Let’s dive into those steps a bit more...

Step 1:

We started by selecting a recently closed deal. We leveraged the Explore functionality in Uberflip Analytics and applied the opportunity stage filter to only show deals we had won.

Opportunity stage filter in Explore functionality in Uberflip Analytics

Step 2: 

We then looked at the characteristics of known contacts. This provided insights into the job titles of the potential buyer group, giving us a clear understanding of who is most engaged in the organization and presenting new points of contact to pass to sales.

Characteristics of known contacts in Uberflip Analytics

Step 3:

After that, we examined which assets were consumed and by whom. With Explore, we built a report that looked at specific content assets consumed by a contact using the first and last name filter. Then we brought in measures and dimensions to provide context on asset performance. We did this exercise for each contact to get a snapshot of what each person found most engaging. 

Enrichment First and Last Name

Custom report built with Explore, displaying specific content assets consumed by a contact

Step 4: 

With insights into what drove engagement for a similar audience, we could make informed decisions when we assembled the new Marketing Stream for our target account, rendering it more likely to drive higher engagement.

Understand how content is resonating

One key objective for our content team is understanding who is engaging with the content we create—is it according to our target persona or something completely different? Before Enrichment, we didn’t have the most detailed understanding of the who behind our content metrics, but with the new Contacts dashboard and Explore, we can see what job titles are engaged with our content, enabling us to validate (or adjust) our target persona from a content consumption perspective.

What were the steps?

  • We examined the specific job titles on the contacts dashboard
  • We examined what assets were consumed and by whom
  • We leveraged insights to inform future content strategy 

Let’s dive into how we did this.

Step 1: 

First, we examined job titles on the contacts dashboard. The word cloud allowed our content team to quickly identify who was engaging with our content and determine if it’s according to our target audience.

Word cloud of common job titles
Step 2: 

We then examined which assets were consumed and by whom. We used the Explore functionality to build a report filtered by role. This allowed us to view content consumed only by a specific job title.

Report filtered by role built using Explore functionality

Report showing content consumed by specific job title

Enrichment Job Title

Report of what content was consumed by what job title

Step 3: 

By understanding which content was consumed by what job title, we gained insight into whether our content was resonating with the intended audience and where we needed to make changes.

It’s your turn

While these are just two ways we’ve used it, Enrichment provides our customers with limitless opportunities to examine how visitors are engaging with their Uberflip-powered experiences. Request a demo today to see how this functionality can add value for your organization.