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How VersionOne engaged with 88% of target accounts for ABM

The company: VersionOne

VersionOne is an enterprise software company dedicated to agile life management. Their mission is to simplify the process of software delivery by helping organizations scale their agile initiatives faster, easier, and smarter.

The problem: Storing and distributing content

Since VersionOne competes with many large enterprises, they knew they wouldn’t be able to outspend them in traditional marketing channels, so they wanted to go full force with account-based marketing (ABM) tactics. VersionOne started to run into problems with their approach when it came down to storing and distributing content. The content the marketing team created lived in different locations—from an internal portal for sales and other teams, to the company website, or even behind forms on Marketo landing pages. This method of organization ended up posing a problem for both sales and marketing.

“For sales, the challenge was knowing what assets were available, what was the most current version, what topics pieces were about, and what content was performing best or was most interesting to prospects,” explained Jodi Lebow, VersionOne’s Director of Marketing and Demand Generation. “With our focus on ABM, we knew we needed a way to leverage all of our great content and serve it up in a more tailored way for various audiences, helping sales engage on a one-on-one basis with accounts they were focused on.”

The solution: Better ABM experiences and beyond

Recognizing their main problem areas, VersionOne’s marketing team set out to find a solution that would help create a better experience, not only for their audience, but for the sales and marketing teams who had to use the product. They also needed it to integrate with their current marketing technology stack, which included tools like Marketo, Terminus, and Engagio.

“For us, Uberflip was a no-brainer,” shared Lebow. “It offered a flexible, easy to use solution for sales and marketing that allowed us to keep a master Hub of all current marketing-approved content and then curate it in various collections. Its integrations with all the other tools we use was an important selling factor as well.”

After switching over to Uberflip, VersionOne not only received a better home for their content, but they found it easier to create content experiences quickly for multiple use cases.

“We used to send people to landing pages by creating custom, standalone pages on our website,” said Lebow. “We would dedicate our design and development resources to execute these pages and I ended up building out some of them myself. We would do all this work to build one page to send a campaign with just a few assets. Now, with Uberflip, we’re able to quickly spin up an ABM page in just minutes.”

In addition to creating streams of content for their ABM campaigns, VersionOne created content collections with better tracking for event follow-ups, restructured nurture campaigns by sending prospects to marketing streams, and built out a new way to present their annual report.

“For the past 10 years we had a landing page for the report, putting it behind a form in order to get to the PDF,” Lebow explained. “With Uberflip, we made everything available without filling out a form, by building out a stream with the current and previous reports as well as supporting blogs and videos. Now we’re seeing a different way to track the metrics of people reading all of the content, we can dig a lot deeper into metrics and see what people are viewing.”

The results: ABM program of the year

When VersionOne first set out their ABM strategy, their goal was to achieve 20% engagement on their content. They were pleasantly surprised when they engaged 88% of their target accounts and received a 124% increase in lead conversions. What’s more is that 23% of all enterprise bookings came from those targeted accounts.

As a result the marketing team’s efforts in building new ABM experiences with Uberflip to launch campaigns and properly track them, VersionOne won the award of ABM Program of the Year from SiriusDecisions.

“Uberflip is a must-have tool in our ABM marketing technology stack. It allows us to leverage content to engage prospects along their journey and gives us metrics and insights to understand how content is being consumed,” said Lebow.