Nobody Cares About Your Sales Funnel Except You [Podcast]

June 1, 2017 Randy Frisch

Todd Berkowitz, Research Vice President at Gartner, joins the Content Pros Podcast to discuss using ABM and buyer-driven content to boost conversions, close deals, and make marketing shine. 

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In This Episode:

  • Why measuring success of ABM means revisiting your marketing metrics and your definition of success
  • How understanding the buyer’s journey means understanding that you can’t dictate the process
  • The customer doesn’t care about your sales funnel
  • Why the effectiveness of marketing automation and ABM means a close look at the when/why/where of content personalization
  • How the right ABM and content marketing leads to an empowered and enabled sales team

Quotes From This Episode:

“There’s a lot of variation on how sophisticated people are from a demand gen perspective, how they use content, what works, what doesn’t.” —@toddberkowitz

“You end up having to do a lot of things at the beginning that won’t work, and that’s by design.” —@toddberkowitz

“You should have content that meets the needs of the different buyers you’re going after, the different roles, the different individuals and also the different stages where they may be because ultimately you start to figure out where they are.” —@toddberkowitz

“There’s a lot of interesting things that you can do just by putting a personalized approach around how you send out content.” —@toddberkowitz

“Content needs to be used in different ways at different times. Especially when you think about the more complex buying processes.” —@randyfrisch

“Everybody thinks about, ‘how do you help the hunters be more successful?’ But it’s all these other people, the account managers, the CSMs, the SDRs, the consultants, the solution folks, they all need content too.” —@toddberkowitz


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