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Uberflip for ABM: How marketers act like lightning with Uberflip

Uberflip for ABM

B2B buyers have come to expect a purchase experience that is completely personalized not only to them as an individual, but to their specific business needs and pains. In an account-based marketing program, every touchpoint along the buyer journey is fuelled by decision-enabling content. Educating prospects, generating demand, and facilitating meaningful sales conversations all require content experiences that are relevant and compel buyers to engage. But creating that full-funnel personalized experience takes time and resources, especially at scale. 

...Without Uberflip, that is.

Uberflip for ABM is the quickest and easiest way to create relevant, personalized content experiences designed for ABM, at scale. Here are some of our favourite examples of how we've helped our customers launch and scale their ABM campaigns, fast. 

Launch your ABM programs faster with Uberflip



According to Ring DNA, sales teams spend an average of 30 hours per month searching for content. With a better content management system, you can cut back time spent searching for that perfect piece of content. That's why companies such as Snowflake and CollabNet love Uberflip for ABM. The Uberflip platform gives you the ability to centralize your content in one place the entire team can access. This helps you to cut back on time spent searching for that perfect piece of content, and quickly scale and personalize your campaign. 

Jody Lebow, Senior Director of Marketing at CollabNet VersionOne needed a solution that could help her quickly find the right content, and create personalized content destinations for each account so she could launch and scale her ABM programs. 

"We faced a lot of challenges managing content for ABM campaigns because we had no central repository to store it all in. There was cumbersome landing page deployment, and overall, it was really hard to tailor and personalize the content experience," Jody says. 

With Uberflip, Jody centralized all of CollabNet VersionOne's content into one content experience that both the marketing and sales teams could access. She used Uberflip's Marketing Streams to quickly pull in the most relevant content from her content repository and spin up a personalized content experience for each account within minutes. 

"Now that we can centralize our content all in one place, we can use it to scale and personalize our experiences for our prospects." 

—Jody Lebow, Senior Director of Marketing at CollabNet VersionOne 

Respond to changing market conditions quickly

The world as we know it is always evolving, and B2B marketers need to be with their buyers every step of the way. That means when a pandemic redefines 'normal life' for the whole world, or a global microchip shortage impacts car manufacturing worldwide, B2B marketers need to pivot in real time with the changing needs of their buyers. 

Go from fragile to agile with Uberflip for ABM

Whether you need to launch your new ABM program fast, or pivot your messaging on a dime to respond to a market disruption, your content is the key player in how your brand is represented. Whatever your need for speed is, Uberflip can help you launch highly personalized destinations within minutes.