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Uberflip Announces New Features and Capabilities Designed to Elevate User Experience

Uberflip Announces New Features and Capabilities Designed to Elevate User Experience

TORONTO - Jan. 25, 2022 — Uberflip, the leading cloud-based content experience platform (CEP), today announces its most recent product releases. The company has made extensive enhancements to its Sales Assist product, as well as debuted a new app in its marketplace called Bulk Task Smasher. Uberflip has also enriched its analytics, integrated with calendar software and video recording providers, improved in-app stability and created the ability for users to “favorite” their most-loved pieces of content. All of this functionality aligns with the company’s chief priority of improving the user experience.

“Uberflip is valuable in my day-to-day when sending outreach,” said Brian O’Connell, SDR at TripleLift, of Sales Assist. “Rather than attaching one or more PDFs, I now have a tool where I can include or create a central resource hub for an entire team. I love it.”

Uberflip’s Sales Assist product has been a customer favorite since it first became available in 2021. The following recent changes have made it even more powerful: 

  • Easier access to rich analytics, including important data points like how many people have viewed content, how long they viewed it, which was highest performing, and others. 
  • The ability for sales reps to “favorite” content. This product update was inspired by customer requests, and will be extremely useful to sales teams who want to quickly find the content pieces they consider to be most valuable. 
  • Enhancements to sales streams, including robust integrations with calendar software and video recording software. Now, customers can integrate a calendar call-to-action directly within their stream so a potential buyer can set up a meeting without having to leave the experience. Sales reps can also record a quick video to insert into their stream, like a welcome video that pops up to create engagement with visitors. 

Also included in this launch, the Bulk Task Smasher is a notable new app in the Uberflip marketplace. Aptly named, it automates many of the formerly manual tasks that customers typically handle one at a time, like creating users and updating streams. Instead of individually tagging a subset of content to be refreshed, for example, customers can now update them in bulk with the push of a button. This new feature also makes it incredibly easy for new customers to get onboarded. The Bulk Task Smasher helps with templatization, repeatability, theme configuration and automating many of the first 100 or so tasks customers need to do. These automations help customers get up and running fast.

“We’ve been using the Bulk Task Smasher internally now for a few months and have been in awe of the results,” said Jason Dea, VP of Product at Uberflip. “We used it for paring down our content, and saved hundreds of hours that would have been spent on this manually otherwise. We can’t wait for our customers to get similar amounts of their valuable time back, thanks to this incredible automation tool.” 

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