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How technology and software marketers use Uberflip

A marketer looking at a content destination on her laptop

Curious about how a marketer like you would use Uberflip? We have a ton of examples that show how tech companies like yours use Uberflip to achieve their goals—ourselves included! Check them out below to see the different ways we can help you take your marketing programs to the next level with personalized experiences. 

If you want to speed up the buyer’s journey... 

You’ll need to: Give your most eager prospects the chance to nurture themselves at their own pace by consuming multiple pieces of content at once. 

The average email nurture sends prospects to one asset, once a week. And considering people consume an average of three to seven pieces of content before speaking to a salesperson, a pace of one piece of content a week translates to a long time! We should be giving highly engaged buyers the option to consume more at once if they want to.

How Uberflip can help: Why make prospects wait for the next email in your nurture if they’re ready for more content now? Using Uberflip, you can create a destination filled with all of your nurture content, giving people the opportunity to binge through it all in one sitting. 

Giving prospects the freedom to self-nurture results in more informed buyers when it comes time to talk to sales—and that ultimately leads to accelerated buyer journeys. Take a look at how our friends at Blackbaud do it. 

Computer screen displaying an example of a nurture stream from Blackbaud

If you want to enable sales to make meaningful connections with prospects… 

You’ll need to: Rethink the way your sales reps engage with prospective customers.

Few things are less exciting than being on the receiving end of a sales rep’s black and blue hyperlinked email outreach. (See Exhibit A below 😴). But as a tech company, your reps probably need to share a lot of documents and resources to educate prospects during the sales process. 

Screenshot of sales follow-up email with several hyperlinks

Rather than overwhelming potential buyers with links and attachments, turn your sales rep’s content follow-up into its own experience. 

How Uberflip can help: Uberflip helps you centralize all your content in one place so that sales reps can easily package and share it with prospects. Using the Uberflip Extension, reps can select from a repository of marketing-approved content that’s relevant to their prospect’s unique needs and pain points. Then, they can spin up a personalized content experience in minutes. Cority’s sales reps do a great job of this! 

Example of sales email that links to a personalized content stream

If you want to improve content engagement and conversions...

You’ll need to: Shift your focus from creating net-new content pieces to strategically segmenting your content that already exists. 

Though the default way to organize content is by publication date, very few people search for content by what’s most recent. They’re much more likely to browse by topic, pain point, persona, or even resource type. And when they find a collection of content they’re interested in, chances are they’ll consume more content in one session and stay on your page for longer. 

How Uberflip can help: Uberflip allows marketers to create a binge-worthy content experience that will keep your visitors engaged for longer. After centralizing all of your blog posts, videos, ebooks, podcasts, and decks all in one place, you can create segmented collections of content that immerse visitors in their areas of interest, leading to more time spent on-page and more pages consumed per session. 

Generating leads with content is easier when using Uberflip, too. Rather than sending visitors to a separate landing page to download an asset, Uberflip’s Overlay CTAs allow you to place a gate directly overtop of your guides and ebooks. (Bonus: Overlay CTAs have 7x the conversion rate of traditional forms on landing pages!) See an example from Pivotal below. 

Gated piece of content on Pivotal's website

With Uberflip, you can also easily embed forms amongst your content as a tile, giving visitors a frictionless opportunity to subscribe to your email list or request a product demo if they see something they like.

If you want to wow customers with your onboarding program...

You’ll need to: Create a centralized destination for all of your educational product resources so new customers can onboard at their own pace. 

Your onboarding program should make your new customers feel excited and empowered. Having a collection of all the resources your customers need in one place allows them to take their success into their own hands. 

How Uberflip can help: As a technology company, it’s likely that your customer onboarding requires a little more assistance than simply handing over some login info.

With Uberflip, you can take all of your product resources (videos, PDFs, slide decks—you name it) and put them in one singular how-to hub. The Uberflip Academy is where our new customers go for initial platform training (with the support of their Customer Success Manager), but it’s also a place customers can reference for ongoing learning. 

Screenshot of Uberflip's onboarding Academy; several tiles indicating the different learning stages

One of the major benefits of using Uberflip for your onboarding program is that you can easily divide the experience into digestible chunks. Learning a new piece of technology is time consuming after all! As you can see in the screenshot of our Academy above, we’ve segmented by Getting Started, Centralize Content, Organize Content, Personalize Experiences, Distribute Content, and Generate Results. Each section contains some tactical how-to videos along with inspirational articles to give our new customers some ideas. 

If you want to get personal with your target accounts…

You’ll need to: Work with your sales team to identify the accounts you’d like to target, then determine your personalization approach. Create personalized destinations for those accounts—and distribute them through email, ads, and direct mail. 

Most marketers sink a ton of time and dollars into the distribution of their marketing campaigns but don’t think about the destination they’re sending prospects to once they click through. A generic landing page won’t do it—today’s buyers expect something that will speak to their needs. 

How Uberflip can help: Personalization at scale can be intimidating (not to mention time consuming). But with Uberflip, putting together a personalized ABM stream can take just two minutes. 

Rather than personalizing each asset for your target accounts, personalize the overall experience instead. That way, you can easily replicate content destinations and take them to the next level with account-specific personalization. Putting your target account’s logo in the banner or calling out a sales rep’s name in a CTA goes a long way! 

A collection of personalized resources on a webpage

If you want to keep your whole organization informed...

You’ll need to: Build an internal resource center that’s easy for everyone on your marketing team to update.

In order to excel at their jobs, sales and success teams need visibility into what marketing is up to. But marketing teams often struggle with the best way to keep everyone in the loop. An internal resource center is a private hub where the most up-to-date information from your marketing team lives—and is intended to enable everyone else in your organization with information and content. 

How Uberflip can help: Creating a password-protected resource center is easy with Uberflip, and it gives you the freedom to post everything from competitor insights to internal training decks in one central location without the worry of it being accessed by someone outside your organization. At Uberflip, we use our enablement hub to post everything from briefs on recent webinars and marketing campaigns to product messaging and updates. 

Uberflip's Enabelement Hub; a collection of content tiles on a webpage

What makes an internal resource center a great use case for Uberflip is that it’s so easy for multiple members of your team to go in and add company-wide updates—while this hub also displays a ton of important (and confidential 🤐) information in a secure and accessible way. 

If you want to let your dev team off the hook… 

You’ll need to: Invest in a content experience platform that allows you to take control of your marketing campaign destinations—and doesn’t require the ongoing support of your dev team.

We love working with our developers, but asking them to code a destination for every marketing campaign or a personalized webpage for every target account isn’t scalable (and, especially at a tech company, probably not how they want to be spending their time.)

How Uberflip can help: A content experience platform like Uberflip not only gives the marketing team more control over how content is used across the organization, it also enables you to create bingeable experiences that engage your customers and prospects. And, at the end of the day, it’s experiences that drive the buyer journey and improve pipeline velocity. 

Now that you’re in the know…

After learning about all the different ways you can use personalized content destinations to create engaging experiences across the buyer journey, all that’s left to do now is get started. And Uberflip can help! With Uberflip, scaling personalization is simple. If you want to learn more about how it’s done, chat with an Uberflip expert.